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always on pasture lands and never in stall fed animals except
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dom and an accurate estimate of realities. Surgery can be done well
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acted coolly and deliberately he would not have permitted or in
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probabilities of the animal being affected provided always that
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weather disease. When cold weather approaches and the respi
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While these stations were not completed in time to be used to
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diseases be reported to local health boards and being dangerous
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when a lumbar puncture was done and the diagnosis of meningitis
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in the posterior part of the chest are irregular in their occm
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in some rare cases ulcers are never found either before or after
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the chores in cheerful cooperation with the handful of regular medical
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benches all dumps and all incinerators are supervised. The
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organisms and the greater part of the large spherical and granular
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hereditary degeneration is a most important factor there may be some
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that in the absence of other possible factors the formalin lotion was the
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the nervous system the ependyma of the ventricles the white
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The application is usually followed by some pain lasting for a few hours.
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of the soft tissues after fracture of the femur. Oblique fractures
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was small and slept more than usual but otherwise she had seemed normal.
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an alkaloid. Further experience has convinced me that the

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