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article on the development of ophthalmological knowledge in the

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comparatively rarely seen in the acute stage the author is sure that many

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were autoi sied chronic processes were found of which the great

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was normal but syncytial tumors were present in the kidneys lungs liver

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limbs seems to have been influenced strongly at least in British

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und Infectionskrankheiten. Beside these a number of articles appeared

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well known that the microbes of putrefaction are destructive to

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Dr. Sanderson and is a most important discovery and accord

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solution of iodine applied to the amyloid organ causes the affected

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only repeated bleedings being condemned by Dr. Fox as a

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pneumonia contagiosa for example the blood is undoubtedly the

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were eleven abortions or premature births. The infants born at term and

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goscope but owing to the length of the oral cavity the dimen

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all then faint tubal sounds are heard which increase in intensity

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through the medium of the pneumo gastric and branches of the

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breathing by the respiratory movements being relatively more

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pounds. The paraffin is melted and the oil added with stirring.

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work of Charles Phelps on the Traumatic Injuries of the Brain is not

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before being added to the bulk and applied to all parts of

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near the base with increased loudness of the aortic and pulmonary

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During the late winter the streptococcus appeared in abundance

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integrated safety of levodopa-carbidopa intestinal gel from prospective clinical trials

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of iodine. This was supposed to help in the absorption of the enlarged

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teresting in this connection also to observe that all of these bacilli

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Some Personal Observations on the Effects of Intrapleural Injections

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