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of stimulants such as ammonia and alcohol friction to the skin
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the Hawick district. After that six ewes and lambs were
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to contraction of the surface capillaries while the sweating results from
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At this hospital we saw what we saw at every field and every
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insomnia definite medication is advisable thus for tertiary syphilis potas
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lants are often temporarily useful. In the event of evidence that the
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Now in conclusion I have simply to say that the American
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given sector the roads of which more or less naturally converged
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or of the carbonate of ammonia may be given in cold water
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and to the idea that the animal had suffered from some chronic
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and motor impressions. Paralysis without loss of sensation on
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constipation is generally present. The f eces often resemble
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come. The subject is one of particular interest to both the general
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stretcher bearers. They are trained by the medical officer of the
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tended sometimes with a dark viscid sometimes a thin yellow bile.
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sisted by a corps of public health nurses and inspectors. Since the
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barracks mess drill or in the hospital were examined following the
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the expert Loss of appetite dulness listlessness cessation of
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minutes to absolute alcohol clarify in clove oil and mount in
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large young girls college about two thirds of which was dedicated
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contain a normal amount of air show grayish and red mottling but no
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pitation of the heart leading one to suppose that the organ is
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information needed by the surgeon in order to facilitate his work.
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Examinations of the Spine makes special emphasis of the fact that so far
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most in your thinking that the wholeness of the organ
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guinea pig and though such inoculation caused the development
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owing to the anatomical conformation of this bone and its
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prevent its constipating effects from eight to twelve ounces of
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non febrile periods and he concluded as follows That

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