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from their fellows mostly lie down in a corner of the field the
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same symptoms as at his previous visit except that at this time the
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paralysis of the respiratory apparatus. Thinking that perhaps
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after the first manifestation of the disease the temperature rises to
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casts merely a trace of hsematoporphyrin. Heart slightly improved
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The qualifications of men and officers selected for this duty are
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was no history of gallstones in several appendicitis was supposed to exist
By constant efforts on the part of the Surgeon General of the
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defined in filaments of medium size than in the larger ones of
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prolonged and attended with a peculiar harsh sound succeeded
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claimed perhaps to account for some increase of stomach involve
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horizontal positions. These organs may appear dislocated only in the
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the oxygen and yet the blood retained its virulence for it
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and that membrane itself is easily lacerable and may be
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Tendon Reflexes. Biceps triceps supinator longus ratlial extensors
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tive tissue. At its periphery the tumor spreads by gradual involvement of
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part will be noticed to tremble or quiver this lasts but a short
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ground and occur singly in pairs or aggregated in rosettes.
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sneezing coughing and such thoughtless acts as the shaking of handker
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lished in 1917 by the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research and
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tigation. It was in this fluid that we first found these bodies and
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sanitary sections of the British Expeditionary Force. Both the
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it should be dressed with blistering ointment. If the disease has
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commander had a grudge against himself or his family. A third is

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