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In severe internal congestions where not only the organ chiefly

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The duration of the fever cannot be cut short by any treatment

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tined and carriers isolated. No additional case appeared after that.

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hypotheses I may venture to state that there is no evidence of

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tissue and where the connective tissue is loose and seldom in

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even abundant quantity that the appetite has been good and

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severe exercise in fact any cause of excitement may produce

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conclusion that it is the most comprehensive document ever i rojected

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of this animal to infection. In our most recent experiment we have

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lesions occurring in the tissues of the neck above the clavicle could have

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move a sick or wounded man. A landing place has been selected

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relief is given. In many cases their effect in allaying pain and

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there are great deviations from it as some animals live a longer

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Johnson proved by experiments of his own that this condition

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Bronchitis like laryngitis may be caused by the inhalation

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Courty tells us in his splendid work on Diseases of the Uterus that

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vegetable organisms a ptomaine which resist the action of

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clinical thermometers are regularly being sold with certificates of accuracy

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Inflammation partial or general of the serous membrane that

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Subcutaneous Injection of Iron in Amenorrhoea. Henrotay La Gyni

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