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of medico segundo first lieutenant. One of the medicos de corheta
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the same time a feeble pulse. It is important not to confound
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but it is defective in quality the result of such deficiency
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provided the request or them be written on the manuscript.
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Since August 15 the temperature had ranged from normal to
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that infection from bovine sources is possible but rare. Park and
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ures instituted this condition would not have developed.
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over France and affected all the domesticated animals. The
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Micro Parasites seen as minute points observed in the mild form of
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membered that all the construction involved at these places was
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mediately behind the scapula or the sibilant rale heard over
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The fresh spinal subarachnoid fluid obtained from spines in
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Careful re examination of his lungs and heart gave negative results
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to feed during the day. 2 th May. The sheep have been a
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to the altitude reached. Thev arrived in most excellent condition
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entirely unreliable for locating the greater curvature in enteroptotics.
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stomachs and colon were not likewise dislocated. In most cases of
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even as late as the sixth day after the commencement of epizootic
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man the one sided man the man who unduly exalts his particular line
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pathological changes are discussed. The more important surgical lesions
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months later I was called. Patient now suffering from cough asth
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medical officers of the National Guard so that the majority of all the

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