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age. The results of experience can but emphasize the importance of

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or rods. Whilst the rods are destroyed by putrefaction it is

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are being done an injustice by their unscrupulous competitors who with

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their walls became visible as well as masses of zooglcea with

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times opaque and sometimes of the consistence and appearance

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and its variety farcy are capable of transmission to man in

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even the cardiac walls perforated establishing a communication

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of the disease before were again inoculated but did not become

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the shock of the disease the peculiar odour exhaled as well as

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written than is the same subject in his Human Anatomy. Dr. Reginald

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is in the first place the necessity for the prompt discovery of water

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limitations of this narrative but most people who have made con

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the absence of a water carriage system and sewers most camps have

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of effusion and exudation of lymph. In some instances the

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represented some typical standard portions according to the recipes

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likely to leave too good a pedicle than not enough. I cannot recall

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that a person who has never operated or has only occasionally operated

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usual methods of examination identification and agglutination

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of influenza it will be unnecessary to discuss this condition at

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If signs of purpura supervene the chlorate of potash must be

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