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infection recently. Is aegeli s statistics indicate that nearly all

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the soft tissues. In our experience the localized gas infection seldom

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half ounce doses of the nitrate of potash. Even when the fever

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ephithelial transformations the blood stasis the pulmonary

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mistaken for a tumor of the uterus or ovary. I described this peculiar

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and the perpetuation of the slanderous story over here prompted me to

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extends as far as the collateral branches when from debility

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metastatic inflammations of the articulations and feet complete

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itself. Apart from the various sources of error which must be connected

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oped connective tissue plugs in the neighboring alveoli. Ribbert maintains

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In the third case the one which lived the symptoms were

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one of the belligerent countries at the beginning of the war namely

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the disease must have a commencement. However he has

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that the small quantity of food thus expelled had entered the

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independent unit. Since however the corps is almost entirely a

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Practitioner. We do not know how Plimmer came to overlook this

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process of manipulation not requiring an undue amount of skill

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paigns in those cities which are outside the extra cantonment rones

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and well thought out plan and should be completed within a couple

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The following appears to be all that is really known 1.

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am of opinion that it is impossible to transmit it from the

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difficult to resist when confronted with the alternative of quaran

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apparent morbid manifestations or not the inoculated animal is

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died of wounds 22 died of disease 102. For nurses died of disease

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tion for transport 4 Jones humerus traction arm splint 5 long

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contained metastatic deposits of cancer but a number were simply the

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regarding this question it is that the bruit heard in this affection may

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Operation removal of fragment of shell and the necrosed ends of both

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In the third edition of this useful little compend the author has made

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essential as in rabies pleuro pneumonia and other diseases

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corrected water supply of 80 per cent and that the incidence of

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Following the example of Dr. AVilliams Sir Thomas Watson

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triplicate check list giving names and counties of origin of the

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damage results due to the deficient oxygen supply to the sensitive

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and especially from the gassed. In both instances more particularly

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the value of very fatty stools in the diagnosis of pancreatic disease.

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under and above each metal plate that fixes the apparatus to the

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pressed with the fact that recent records show that of 600 children examined

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area. The blood examination on May 12th gave the following Eed cells

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approximately forty five times more numerous than the deaths from

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therefore indestructible. When the handle is turned down to the point

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prescribed by the Secretary of War. Those found qualified could be

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to state the outcome of these experiments. Sections of the tumor

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the last few days we have observed the round form develop under the

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deposit of the substance which had caused no inflammatory

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diseased for some time before they are obviously enlarged. We think

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eases for the Use of Practitioners and Students of Surgery by James Peter

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municable disease. Admitting this principle the health boards of

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slight jar unavoidable in locomotion may be permitted without fear of ill

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terminate abruptly at a certain distance from the floor of the

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meningitis due to the meningococcus had it not been for the labor

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In the first place war has changed surgery has changed everything

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however in which the difficulty in swallowing persists the

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the superior respiratory passages being thus made to approach

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whose qualifications and eligibility were passed upon by this bureau and

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Two cases of enuresis were referred for cystoscopic examination by the

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irregular slow thoracic or abdominal and be attended with

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of medicine by many authors as the English have found and can

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mental influence on the progress of medicine and is so essential to

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purposes soon revealed that there was no excess material of this

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Oxalic acid is a i roduct of imperfect combustion or oxida

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