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fied and discharged. These slips serve to notify the office of the

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In the treatment of distemper it must always be remembered

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often seem to usher in the second stage when the symptoms pre

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act the Medical Reserve Corps would cease to exist and all oflBcers thereof

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pital was not a desirable institution at all where it was possible to

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cian thoroughly acquainted with the details of such lesions it was

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matory disease particularly during the rigor in endocarditis

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ings copings pumps windlasses with ropes and buckets where

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urtemic poisoning from retained excreta. Ordinarily convales

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The diseases of Domesticated Animals and their preservation

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or whether it is hereditary as it were in the body of some

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from ticks having proved unsatisfactory and the season being

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effects of treatment upon the arrhythmia anginiform pains and the

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appear only as secondary to the latest and practically untried forms of

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nodes. By transferring his organism from dog to dog he succeeded

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volume is of convenient size bound in flexible leather.

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It will be seen that the oil globules vary in size some being


epidermic cap of the vesicle and wiping off the fluid collected

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assumes two forms an acute fatal type as seen in America in the

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ticks are thus destroyed. In confirmation of this conclusion I

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the lesions observed in the guinea pig as the result of the

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tliere as a generator of contagious material and thus propagates

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anaemia in the horse but is rarely vritnessed in horned cattle.

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easily broken and showed various fractures and on the left diffuse club

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The symptoms of pneumonia namely the greatly accelerated

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vanishing and will begin to feel proudly of their period of service as

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its thirst is assuaged or enteritis diseases of the skin or

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importance in deciding upon surgical methods. Before the chest

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drowsy manner until it meets with some solid object against

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To meet these difficulties a graphic method has been devised

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and otherwise made of this bureau as to why the Medical Corps National

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The question might arise as to the necessity of a modern surgical

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monia because of the much higher incidence of the two latter dis

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