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whitish fur and there is generally a degree of constipation or

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dition for several days when the owner brought it to the New

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important to pay rigid attention to asepsis by this we are sure

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use of large numbers of very light field guns of small caliber which

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it in the full conviction that the Red Cross usurps nothing beyond

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press the hind quarters against a wall or other solid object is

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to contraction of the surface capillaries while the sweating results from

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shown not only by comparison of different tumors with each other but can

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Mr. James Law warmly advocates the contagious origin of

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If the ear be applied to the chest the crepitating sounds of

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swellings which are so characteristic of purpura and when

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as derived from body protein or from glycogen i. e. that they are

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of water is the occasional failure by lack of foresight or imperfect

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Now other things Mind you there is always at least one field

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administered and when this has operated the elimination of the

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whilst passing through the body of the monkey and increased

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pitality which goes beyond giving you dinners and gives you beautiful

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ears are pendent the breathing quick and short the eyelids

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In service three years. Admitted to hospital February 21 1918.

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typhoid bacilli which was carried out among all cooks bakers

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have proved that pus and other organised cells float in the

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The involuntary neuro muscular mechanism certainly is a reflex

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saliva through close contact is the usual method of infection though

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soldiers. Examination was made on the same day. Six enlisted men

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fatty overgrowth and fatty infiltration the belief that fatty degenera

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pulse is very hard the lateral displacement of the submaxillary

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time nux vomica and ferruginous tonics may be prescribed

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