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the left side this indicates hepatization of the right lung with

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to correspond with the number of the man three streaks were made

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the Staff School of the Medical Corps and bore the same relation to

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attempted to infect by means of the bites of contaminated mosquitoes they

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moved from the submucous tissues and the gastric glands are

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described by him as of constant occurrence in carcinoma in man.

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and from these cases Krull makes the following observations

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covered with large dark coloured spots of ecchymosis the ali

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must not constrict the leg when the lacing is completed. One

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eries AjtD Improvements in the Medical and Surgical Sciences.

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wounded. The gauge is about 18 inches and the weight of rails

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pithed. Death is also thus produced by the entrance of air into

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A few hours later longer chains are developed and rod like

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cultivations commenced with fluid peritoneal exudation 5. In

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