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and consequently require more careful vigilance. It is a good

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Ductless Glands Heart Blood Skin and Venereal Head Trunk and

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the sufferer to fall upon its litter and the entire muscular

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cular rheumatism and on two occasions since then has had lumbago.

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by contagion and infection and that therefore the virus is both

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the ultimate nerve suture at the site of injury. By the time the

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tenderness subsided. He was permitted to walk at the end of a

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Cohn noted notwithstanding the placing of them with the

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garget are doubtless responsible for a large number of cases of pseudo

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Figure 3 shows the preparation of the oil soaked sawdust. Oil

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ical antisepsis is an important factor. Similar results follow irrigation with

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tricle intensely inflamed resembling bright red velvet and the

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ism. These abscesses are surrounded by flattened epithelial cells the

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days when bleeding was so commonly performed and when

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park tlie previous evening and in tliose which had died first

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tered and infected herds were as much as possible separated

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