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abdominal route that it must commend itself to most American surgeons.

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The general clinical teaching concerning this matter is an instance of

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may be invaded with many clusters of tubercles similar to those

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imperfect absorption of protein food diabetes or a tumor in the region

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these large doses of serum. During the eighty two days treatment

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tolerably certain that mixing glycerine witli the virus of rinder

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present the three to five pounds enlargement over that of

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percussion shows the enormous size of the organ better than a descrip

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between the amount of fluids taken and the nitrogen excretion that I

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On the Position of the Malignant Adenoma among Tumors. Hanse

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down are both rational and simple. It is interesting to note that the

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quarantine cultured and the possible carriers isolated and treated.

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Therefore until these thoracic aneurisms can be more accurately mapped

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not the slightest improvement was noted but on the contrary the disease

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