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passage of the faeces is always a marked sign not that there is
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only in a small proportion. The chief difficulty was in obtaining a
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tion of the tumor are found to closely resemble the adenomatous struc
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the lower animals. I have however seen one instance where a
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in a great many branches of modern scientific medicine as well as
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corrugated and more or less denuded of its epithelium while
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in whom a fair degree of amelioration can be expected and we hope
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of the brain. Indeed I have witnessed most marked results
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exhausted and considering the slow improvement by its introduction
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Membrane Due to Pediculosis Corporis. Chatin Annales de Dermatologie
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functioning aeration area with unilateral contraction of the thorax.
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It was important to set this question at rest and on 9th May
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his section half a ward or by stepping rapidly to the clear space
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liable to appear in the second nutritive period. The diagnosis is diflicult.
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pital. Ve had no chronic carriers. Whether the treatment had

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