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fourth day the animal unable any longer to stand sank down

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would be better but to keep contact would necessitate an unbear

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blood poison now chronic so as to last for years. Further in

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becoming more urgent until at last death ensues. This is one of the

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here but the essential features shown by it can be stated briefly as

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These could only be furnished with supplies by sending a convoy

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time and become sexually mature. I may state that I have found

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transported from 30 to 50 miles by train or ambulance before they

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man a certain point of tolerance beyond which any situation will

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of the syphilitic pneumopathies it may be recommended strongly. It is all

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possible fatal outcome. If it had been merely a question of ligation

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and were sold by the salesman to whom with other sheep they

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stage. The surgical equipment of a mobile unit should be of the

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once directed our attention to the possibility that the case might be one

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tures depressions and angular protrusions of the ribs as well as slight

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from the air passages and rapidity of removal which last would be

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inarticulate groans. The health of the patient was good. He was able to

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that preventive inoculation has so far been a failure for the

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broncho pneumonia of American cattle. The same microbe is

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alities in showing a male rate closely approximating the female rate

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suffer from this disease to find at the same time calves using

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a fatal disease but when affecting the smaller bronchi and alveoli

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leaving hospital. Urinates about ten times a day and has complete

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swelling of the glans became more marked as the wound began to

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throat are probably the only source of infection. It has been

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to two mobile laboratory cars equipped as are those now in the

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carefully deposited in it on previous occasions. A used handkerchief

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gestion and a very mild inflammatory process in the bronchioles

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of other foods is a fairly common practice but one in which the

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Organization the latter were changed and allowed only the grade of major

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disease from the earlier to the later stages may be noted and these

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in the pulp are a large number of extracellular parasitic bodies which

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establishment where the disease was known to exist among the

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on that quality came to the Army in large measure through the

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stones had lasted over many years a period of time during which serious

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to extreme frequency to 100 120 or more per minute. As the

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of cases of lobar pneumonia. It is interesting to note that this

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sanctioned lines. If as our author states in the second paragraph

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wound as the smear from the cavity June 13 had shown no bacteria

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And up to 1853 bacteria were considered as Infusoria but

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there had developed some stiffness of the neck a left sided Kernig

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to the amount and continuance also should the leucorrhoea recommence

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but the cow cannot make milk out of sugar alone and the other

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by disease injury or the long continued action of poisons.

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ration does not take place but the deposit of cholesterin and bile salts

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geneous and stains much less deeply than the nucleus. With alcohol

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of the nature of the blood plasma and it is now ascertained

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