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and caput magnum or the nearer we can approach the ear to the

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almost all parts of the world. The specific microbe has not

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accelerated and the urine is now observed to have the appear

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The extent of this pneumonic process varies in different animals.

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the brain the paralysis is on the opposite side of the neck and

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done in our endeavor to control other communicable diseases. To

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There are no appearances which indicate their presence during life.

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The ulcerations of the skin in two of these cases were more

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its less marked degrees especially when inflammatory or febrile action

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considerable extent upon the methods used. It is thought

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shell. After a time the integument fell to pieces the place of

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pressing influence of degenerated animal matters absorbed into

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trenches clear to the ambulance head men are littered back it is

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tered and the back was fomented and dressed with strong

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regular and deep sleep in paralytics during the period of excitation and even

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contains the elements of a science. Undoubtedly the usual conception

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recondite forms of pulmonary tuberculosis. The chapter on pleurisy dis

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pressed with the necessity that our wounded men should be treated

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ficial ulcers caused by tlie destruction of vesicles whicli had

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The pulse in anaemia is feeble thready often jerky and

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impossibility of foreseeing from day to day just where the retreat

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lesions that in a first case for instance the practitioner can

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has named typhus. Whilst giving due credit to Ealke for

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changed. Hence all irritating materials in the form of blisters

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In comparing our findings with those of Plimmer it will be seen

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with startling rapidity. A gentleman aged 40 years a la v er who

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and apex than elsewhere. Under the microscope the parts affected are

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When an army is taken out of the line divisions are usually

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few instances its manifestation may be very rapid. In the

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ration has been made more acceptable by means of improvised

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sleep bad dreams sudden awakenings vertigo general tremulousness

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she stood at an operating table exhibiting extraordinary heroism.

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seemed possible from the history that he gave that he actually had

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paralysis squinting contraction of the pupils fits of convulsions

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defective in quantity and that the condition termed anaemia is

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and teach them not only how to use tlie apparatus but also the

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teen days when it burst through the box door during the night

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although ascribed to Pasteur and Thuillier is destroyed by slow

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days and fed upon its usual liberal allowance of food con

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ciated with certain conformation of the neck. Large horses with

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sidered free from the communicable stage of syphilis until they have

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Education of the Soldier. The average soWier does not under

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population and for 18 of these cities the additional distinction of certain

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must be modified in order to meet the Medical Corps problems and

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countries. The study of this condition is yet in its

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incorporated with the salivary secretions it is arrested for a short

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