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minutes. The patient s head rests back across the sliaped cushion

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mends them to every medical man throughout the world but to

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to contraction of the surface capillaries while the sweating results from

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number and virulence. The author then points out the relation that

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The tumours are formed by a mass of very black blood of a

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syrupy and gelatinous consistence and by an infiltration of

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causes very great distress a high state of excitement an increase

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characteristic ones being in pairs or in quadruple arrangements

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of the vital powers. The bowels are at first generally con

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about field hospitals out of a book and from training camp and their

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quent cardiac dilatation with or without accompanying hypertrophy

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data which they may afford can be obtained in a few minutes. With

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coughed into the mangers and upon partitions and walls of the

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the preparation of aseptic solutions. The use of stills which are now so

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findings may be accompanied by muscular atrophy and paralysis.

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a tuck in the gastrohepatic omentum and gastrophrenic ligament was

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trench fly proof latrines are shown in Figs 1 and 2.

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be in direct contact with each other there being considerable

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Country from the Earliest English Colonization to the Year 1800 with a

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gish and depressed loathes its food and seldom lies down the

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weeks or even months. The wound inflicted by the rabid

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find these oppressive symptoms are more often due to the apparatus

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throughout a long period of time after the apparent subsidence of rheu

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diuresis or diarrhoea so generally observed in the human being

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terial products from any tissue or a mucous membrane whether

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veins but simply as a product which admits of retransformation

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unable to rise. This improvement did not prove of any long

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found to be the most reliant while isolation for agglutination was

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frequently than absolutely complete occlusion cause collapse.

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it is merely further evidence of what the tree boxes have done for

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wonderful advances made in the past century that special works

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members of a profession. We looked at it from the angle of external

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In some instances the spleen has been enormously enlarged

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scarcely any discoverable swelling and found in the morning

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Of centric paraplegia but little need be said it is symp

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lumpy mashed potato stewed tomato and hash is served there will

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Villemin who first discovered the inoculability of tuberculosis

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obtained excellent results in pulmonary haemoptysis by the administration

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character not the painful cough of pleurisy as one would

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augmented that the stallion has frequent erections and neighs

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is necessary or the water may be pumped into the water cart

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is less common. Spraying with a solution which first paralyzes

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patriotism but as a courtesy to the Surgeon General and as a duty

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one of whom should be stationed at each advanced aid station 2 it

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mendations of the use of thyroid in the treatment of so called chronic

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the first group esi ecially in the animals that survive two or three

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increased by all inflammatory diseases such increase can also be

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others are doing it. A good deal of community coughing can be avoided

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patient should always urinate before the lavage. The urethra is then ren

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that the bucket can be placed inside the hopper before being tipped

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separately for fourteen days. These men may continue their drills

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There are no glandular enlargements to be felt anywhere. The tonsils

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Septic diseases may become contagious amongst animals under

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takes place in the blood which may be looked upon as a fluid

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and somewhat increased in force numbering about ninety

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Of these districts two are near the city of Havana namely that of

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and is succeeded by a feeling of exhaustion and faintness and

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Animals also vary in degree of mental power some are

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nose and mouth. There is difficulty in swallowing and in some

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I shall however confine myself very briefly first to the

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cheerful heart and steady courage by those who drove doggedly through

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live with less than one yard between them the danger of droplet

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and signs of a great diminution in the normal chemical changes

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