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jDOor condition thin being purchased from the breeder and

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Amongst other causes of colicky pains may be enumerated

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farther south by Dr. Salmon by Drs. Phillips and Schmidt on the

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cells of the central nervous system and this when long continued pro

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because no physical examination of the abdomen had been made until

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in regard to the publication of articles written by medical officers

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favours tlie hatching of the young ticks the ova or eggs being

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be carefully considered. It is for example of the utmost importance

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was written by John McCrae and first published in London Punch

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treated by the administration of oxygen and minim doses of whis

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deafness The original speech defect had in the meantime spontaneously dis

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duced the affection of the lungs with all its peculiar characters

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the capillary blood vessels and thus the nutrition of the bron

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because it often gives rise to spasm of the glottis Roskam. Albany Medical

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this circumstance and bring such reasoning to bear upon our

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carrying out instructions promptly and thoroughly and without friction.

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tends to keep the oil in midstream. The figure shows the thick layer

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them one after the other to the Disability Board presenting also

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Prussia Silesia Hanover North Germany committing great

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cluded that though they might aggravate the conditions they

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cells and the small spherical bodies noted in the peritoneal fluid.

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I shall not therefore separate the description of this disease

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It will be well for purposes of practical army sanitation to

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appreciation of these facts. An introductory chapter prepares the

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mental station of the Bureau near Washington it was found by

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anesthetic was administered in all instances until the wink reflex

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mentioned above and the approximate cause may be a single systemic

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infected the people with cancer. He considered the various conditions

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tendon with No. 3 chromic catgut sutures and the cord transplanted

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machinery for us so much so that we have forgotten the humbler trades

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with surra the htematozoon being probably conveyed to horses

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tably either be captured forced to evacuate very hurriedly on

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and bakers have been subjected to this examination. For the past

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what as follows Adult females kept confined in bottles lay

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and then a blowing sound is heard in consolidation of the lungs

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R. W. DeForrest working with Miss Mabel Boardman gave through

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are of various sizes but may be divided into three a small a

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especially those which destroy the strength without directly

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M. Nocard who kindly examined them and I now append his

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of Naples that over 60 000 persons perished through partaking

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greater than of tents but tents exposed to all weather undergo

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because no direct vision or observation is possible.

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buckets are cleaned in a solution containing one part of cresol to

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rarely attacked with tuberculosis they may resist subcutaneous

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frequent looks at its sides and by attempts to lie down as if

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more detailed consideration of the epidemiology and especially of

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on the breeder. In many cases the matter is amicably settled

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prevalence of the diseases that are now causing anxiety not only to

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