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sclerosis. In Case I. in which severe attacks of angina still occur the

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and 80 mm. 43 volumes per cent between 60 and 70 36 between

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extract a second child from the womb but could find none. On examination

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more powerful act than inspiration and that there is never any

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quent and difficult to control with drugs and icebags. The glans

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nessed this and the question has arisen in my mind whether

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in other words to substitute theoretical knowledge in place of the prac

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location. The spot map can nevertheless be made of value by the following

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by warm weather. Few ships are entirely steady and to the acutely

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quently men who had suffered severe wounds did not complain of

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immediately to lend a helping hand because it was attached to

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panied by meningitis are epidemic meningitis streptococcus pneu

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below. These procedures allowed a more extended palpation which

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the chest indicate pleurisy pleuro pneumonia or a complica

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army. The section on meningitis incorporated in the original is

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both during life and after death. The heart is flaccid soft and

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access and free ventilation for transporting hospital cases requiring

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opportunity the hyposulphite of soda might be administered say

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glandered. It really matters very little which part of the body

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firm contraction of its neck. In some instances more especially

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of the body though somewhat less than those at present consumed

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grown ticks were placed on a sheep they would disappear in a

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serious distress. The excretion of urine remained high on the 15th

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fact that it has been proven by incontrovertible clinical observation

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measures that may be taken to reduce this contagion. During the

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prior others subsequent to parturition. In none of the cases

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Nitrous oxide and oxygen requires about double the time to produce

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ulous just as casual adverse suggestions or failures of well meant but

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stress upon the fact that when observed after taking food the respiratory

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canal we may find a rational explanation in clinical freedom from infection

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by intense headache photophobia unequal i upils slow pulse stiff

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the food be free from any of the above named foreign bodies.

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minute in extreme cases the heart s action tumultuous but

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admit of cold calculation under the stimulus of combat We can

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of science and while they point with pardonable pride to the contribu

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obtains as a potent cause for aggravating the psychological imbalance

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extreme extent will be apt to be established as impure air con

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and later to use rectal tubes of increasing sizes. Under this treatment

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anterior to the fourth pair of spinal nerves death will at once

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measure the degrees of temperature and give an opinion based

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within the animal body and is very frequently found to arise

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the distal phalanx of the middle finger is very slightly flexed the distal

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since plates have shown no growth where organisms are present

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growth and as the area from which the hospital draws its cases has

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cause and effect may be observed. As in the gassed animals so in

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water supplies and have installed Wallace Tierman chlorination

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that already used each dish being built up from the proper amounts

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notes of Cases IV. and V. in the above table invariably cause sudden

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As an example the general surgeon likewise will learn from this chapter

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though we speak of it as becoming epidemic the disease is in reality

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slaughtered within ten days after the fact of their having been

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not applicable to operations of longer duration even if he thinks other

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puscles and.re therefore unable to unite with the a groups wherever they

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through the opening made. Now an elliptic portion was removed from

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ing of hoarseness could not speak above a whisper. Upon examin

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discharged blood being dark in colour and often foetid in odour.

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of spinal fluid was withdra WTi and 58 c.c. of serum introduced into

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whatever and one is probably justified in concluding that the atrophy of

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interfere with the cervical circulation until the animal was

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The obstruction may be located in the calyces in a branch of the

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organism cannot be cultivated. The infection of ISTorthern cattle

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the undiluted blood of pyosmic septiccemic Vogel rabbits

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Secondarily the spinal cord or some of the spinal nerves become

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