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the tumefaction nor does the serum found in the swelling con
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June whereas in Skye there are two annual outbreaks one
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weigh in the opinion of the writer any advantages it may have
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tions in which are physically similar to those of contagious
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action upon the uterine mucous membranes of the mother
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ences between the two diseases are to be found in the character
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Lankester also in 1873 observed a series of form phases in the
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contributors a certain number of reprints of accepted articles but
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possible. On September 13 and 10 four more cases developed three
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picion that they were affected with contagious pleuro pueumonia.
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cipline was maintained and such couipanies had better records in
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gious micrococcus in the animal economy and are manifestations
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IV 35 cases. It was not possible to determine whether the cold was
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over emphasize jnnd losing sight of the element of good cheer nrd
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urine but this is by no means constant its presence however
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feasible. Once daily the buckets are collected by carts or carriers
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before the student at a glance the variety of morbid material
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pushed by the weight of the descending or inspired atmosphere
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accomplish this the blood is citrated and pipetted into plates exactly
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the cornea in the humours of the eye and in some other fluids
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found that the enlarged lymph nodes on section presented the appear
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exactly the same result typical green stick fracture 4 Clavicle the
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hemorrhage. It is nevertheless not surprising that it does occasionally
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rendering the pastures bare the covers and hatching places of the
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after exercise but in disease it generally ceases to exist.
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There are at least five methods of fly destruction in vogue on
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first for although the distribution is very analogous and the microbes
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of officers of the Medical Department who were drafted into Federal service
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saprophytic but was overgrown by Type I organism at the height
on their inferior surfaces were covered with the dark spots.
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In one base hospital the son of a Philadelphia multimillionaire
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short time became unproductive of anything but mucus. Any attempt to
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The same rule applies to all the specialties. The histopathology
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the patient seated the upper portion of the trunk being stretched backward
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It has been my privilege to direct the attention of the Surgeon
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But little can be suggested in the way of remedial treatment.
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in form and size than the cells themselves is spherical or oval
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in mone3 the Government is paying and will continue to pay many
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exercise the venous or jugular pulse the so called vertigo or
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