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abstracted from the respiratory passages leaving them dry and irri

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tion has been followed by infection of the bronchial epithelium. One

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itself ought to be carefully thought out definitely fixed and mapped

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combinations. For this purpose the bowels are to be acted

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as military needs indicate. It must be complete in itself and carry

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are the fatty calcareous mucoid colloid pigmentary and amyloid

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shown. For exam.ple over feeding on linseed cake induces a

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understood that the term shell shock when unqualified refers to cases

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of several highly technical pursuits including diseased mastoids

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inflamed part. I can speak with great confidence of the benefit

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The fad of outdoor sleeping has been responsible for much mis

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erysipelatous like areola chains of lymphatics become inflamed

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of variola vaccinae throughout seventy five successive trans

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course the pupillary symptoms and the loss of deep reflexes had pre

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engorged bronchial blood vessels will issue from the nostrils.

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Of the 40 cases reported 16 were discharged or are still inmates of

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must be confessed that the lower animals will live for a very

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food containing much woody fibre are liable to suffer from the

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already raised to a high heat. Before doing this they must be separated

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The patient was a well nourished thick set young man with good

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a mattress in the cockpit of the observer left him with his head

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fore be freely written about. It has now been amply demonstrated

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of three or four hours with an occasional enema of warm

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From a statistical point of view it is only through a rotation

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disease may by chance contain bacilli without being able to any noteworthy

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that such virus derived from the horse possesses much less

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in the location of the army takes place the squad commanders concentrate

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a yard long and after being drawn taut there remain one or two

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ailment 4 th. Mares and ponies are less often affected with

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on opening the thoracic cavity are found to be confined to the region

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there is occasionally a diminution of all the secretions but this

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only will be covered with minute scarlet spots that escape the

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came from the larynx and almost surely from a spot just below the

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firmly and almost without effort as the barbs or serrations

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wound is then closed and the anterior vaginal fornix is opened. While the

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excess of broken down blood corpuscles extirpation could not be recom

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In many instances however the tubal sound continues for a

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direction and administration. Each department is divided into

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articles of diet are necessary alone they are insufficient to main

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does not strike one as being outrageously great given in addition

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The second disadvantage of large sanitary formations installed

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gradually diagnostic at first symptomatic of indigestion with

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In gynecological practice a large number of women with displace

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tick upon the ground and upon the bodies of its hosts. The

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smaller or larger portions this can readily be done by changing the

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and presented the same dark appearance the lacteals were of

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