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diminished and the volume small. In some cases however it

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continued in greater or less degree on walking for two weeks when

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i not usually employed the utensils can be constructed by each company

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and absolute preponderance of cancer in the foreign born over the rate

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after exercise but in disease it generally ceases to exist.

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porridge this it will usually become very fond of in a day or

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fractures has been tremendous and allusions to all the new suggestions is

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Few countries until recently have deemed it necessary to do more

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several days in a thermostat. In none of these experiments was he able

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dition of infarction and on examining the lungs they were found to be

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to recognize the efficiency of the weight of the leg as an extending

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common form of chest inflammation met with during the pre

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got to get rid of scabies and these scabies hospitals are very necessary.

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sanitary organization and by a sanitary unit of the American Ked

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states that medicated solutions introduced into the urethra clean the same

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evacuation camp and base hospitals. Report must give name rank com

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efficiency. The moment that the sponsors of either of these move

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transferred to casual organizations. Because of the excessive loss

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greatest caucer rate namely 6.40 times that of the native born. The

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iiig effect upon the lining of the respiratory tract from the larynx

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those belonging to Mr. B. Weall 20 died in the acute stage of

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and trachea and has been finally expelled through the nostrils.

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always ready to act toward the continuance of tried measures and

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has an outer casing of metal cast iron and a firebrick lining.

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from their attached border being more or less injected and

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by inflammatory exudate and closely connected with the cord. It was not

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fortnight it has been found that the rumen contains several

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nineteenth day after the accident he died. The autopsy showed that the

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tion European money tables etc. Copyright 1918 by P. Blakiston s

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vous symptoms especially being relieved the patient puts on flesh and

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and that they may be dressed with the caustic. In dogs pre

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Army by two important arrangements. One of these is to make

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lege. The first man to publish a work on a solely medical topic

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or a brownish black appearance the difference in the colour

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Some cases outside the clinic had been declared by the

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during the twenty year period 1880 1899 inclusive with the results

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not possess at first the number of its beats are not further

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three times a day either dissolved in the drinking water or as a

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This method naturally yields material which has great advantages

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for working up horse hair imported from Buenos Ayres and in

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The importance of the acidosis lies in its inner significance

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very centres from which psychic action proceeds yet notwithstanding

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especially in the limpid serosity that distended the perilobular

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filled with mucoid material. Within the vesicles may be seen the

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seems to have lost its pliability and softness is a symptom of a

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and mechanical action and that they are influenced also by dura

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we are here again confronted by the question of human frailty.

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IV 35 cases. It was not possible to determine whether the cold was

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after exposure. On account of its persistence its value does not

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ate sized portions are served and the patients may come back for the

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built up from standard servings of a number of dishes. Since the

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cliaracter the animal dies in from two to three weeks from the

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