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degrees educated to existence outside the incubator.

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sophical work on the physiological action of drugs and the present

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inmates of the Government Hospital for the Insane the Connecticut

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sarily exhibit under such various conditions in different

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acquitted of the charge of lewdness are quarantined and treated.

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account for the emaciation. As the foetus had developed in the posterior

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Calcareous degeneration seems generally to take place in parts

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ourselves by quoting the remarks made by them on page 326.

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we shall never be able to mend it limits the advantages of air

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it is merely further evidence of what the tree boxes have done for

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but on the contrary that disease commencing in the rumen

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to be a resistance particularly in cattle to the ill effects of

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for notwithstanding much observation carefully recorded we

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etc. Mannitol nitrite has given similar results quercite penta nitrite also

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made. Cultures soon clear up the diagnosis. In cases for example where

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diarrhoea pericarditis endocarditis pleurisy amp c. See Septic

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fests itself externally whilst in those of mature age its lesions

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weight suspended. The first can be varied by the relative position

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ticularly careful. In uterine fibroids which require operation I would

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scopical examination the typical appearances and structure of an

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eighty days the latter part of which patient walked distances from 2

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Owing to the important relation of the study of histology to both

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upper portion of the oesophagus was submitted for inspection. From the

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After considerable difficulty there was secured from the French a

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Piuumococcus lichenoides and c. a micrococcus whose colonies

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that the cow is prevented from injuring its head by striking it

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not ordinarily produce any appreciable febrile reaction.

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to its circumference forming a coloured rim with a central

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page 916 In the face of these conflicting opinions Dr. Evans

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below. These procedures allowed a more extended palpation which

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outlines of the most approved plans of treatment of the commoner dis

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water in wagon tracks hoof prints post holes small boats artificial

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alternations in the heat of the body highly injected mucous

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in feeding the apparently healthy animals will often bring on

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purple coloured discharge issues. Swellings appear about the

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symptoms an attempt must be made to remove the source

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wireless the air route alone can furnish a means of getting into

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Pasteur continued to apply preventive inoculation to man and

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nephrotomy ureterotomy or by vesico ureteral or vagino ureteral operation.

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tare of the urethra the remaining kidney when one is destroyed

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that the slaughter of the whole herd for human food is the

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A number of tubes of the serum from this first case have been

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lower animals are studied as it means a patient who keeps his

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The people who must stay at home and care for the children and

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tonic was ordered in addition ferri et quiniae citratis cum strychnise

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diabetes and found a condition of the blood similar to that

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becomes catching or accelerated they must be applied until

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