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There is much variety in the manifestations of the disease

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begun his convalescence from typhoid fever the diuresis had been a

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M. C. T of the Hygiene Department of the Royal Army Medical

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part will indicate inflammation of the larger and middle

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smooth round and sharply defined surface with a yellowish

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coffipared with the of amp dal statodanb of this Bureau

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ness and increase of his power to do harm. Library gynecologists may

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water per rectum and subcutaneously caused the disappearance of these

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desirability of a medical air service in the remote regions which

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Some cases of cattle plague recover and in these cases it is

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irregularities or most of them may occur in the same subject.

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blood vessels and extends from them to the surrounding parts.

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One characteristic sign of acute Texan fever as described by

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ment. The number of animals under its care is estimated to

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and when convalescence has commenced in order to stimulate

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worthy of recognition in camp life because the correct shower en

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surface from which issues an abundance of dark coloured sanies

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all food must be removed plenty of water allowed to drink

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In certain cases the material to be saved will be suggested by

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Gamgee to the hectic fever of the human being. There is

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analogous to that observed in certain forms of verminous

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tive juices that only the merest traces can be taken up. According to

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these purposes stimulants are to be recommended such as the

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pulmonary involvement are found the patients should be promptly evacuated.

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fat through which runs sharply defined bands of carcinomatous tissue.

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phimosis after dorsal slit an ulcerative balanoposthitis or chancroidal in

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All moderately or slightly wounded cases which can safely be

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growth of white fibrous and elastic tissue in the valvular

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sac. The adhesions involved several surfaces of mesentery which seemed to

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Plague and Bats. A report on the epidemic of plague in Kobe and

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slow and death takes place in from four to eight hours.

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however farcinous engorgement succeeds and relieves excessive

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Jenner believed in the identity of cow pox and small pox and

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nervous centres and both brain and its membranes are found

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joined to the cervix with two catgut stitches. The cervical incision was then

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better name. The individual starts his treatment the first night

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carbohydrates or starchy foods consisting of elements which

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appetite and rumination may be preserved. The worst cases

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exudation and consolidation. If at the outset of the disease it

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these mental affections should have a proper place in the lecture room.

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number of calories desired for each of the three meals and to draw

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head resting on the ground the sweetness of the breath the

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three weeks leaving shallow smooth oval or circular pits of a

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