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during inspiration by glutinous or inspissated mucus. This
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system is perfected since at Camp Meade we were able to handle
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coUapse is often confined to individual lobules which are thus
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Patty embolism of the pulmonary artery is a cause of death
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The symptoms due to these growths are largely mechanical varying with
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the intestinal canal and it is said that a hard swelling may be
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tenderness of the teats for three or four days followed by
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was found to approach the anterior axillary line while slight abnormal
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In the plethoric form of obesity notwithstanding the presence of
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formation or not. Such authorities as Robin Weichselbaum Birch
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affected pleural surfaces the substance of the lungs particu
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The foregoing statements will fully answer the numerous requests official
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does not feed it should be supplied with milk and eggs instead
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men examined for the 1916 mobilization. Data for making this comparison
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commencement of the eruption and seldom abate until the papular
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at body temperature were injected with antiseptic precautions under the
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Ijools. Surface obstructions such as algae fallen grasses etc. have
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afford mechanical relief to mechanical interference with the biliary current.
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In the five series the results obtained were constantly the same and as
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an apparent obstinate constipation which however is not due
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animal. I have not made any post mortem examination of those
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the cadaver most of the operations being accompanied by very good
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contractions are too feeble to control the hypersemia hence there result
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force. The crushing or squeezing type of force is the commonest.
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present a dark patch of congestion with incipient ulceration on
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membranes and on the lower surfaces of the kidneys the uterus
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available on account of its much higher cost. Corrosive sublimate must be
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blind liorse when it hears some strange sounds. At one time
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compressed oxygen and absolute alcohol and which would he
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Cases should be selected for operation with consideration of the interval
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has been the double contoured capsule of the yeast organism which
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the scantiest possible apparatus applause and that then your usefulness
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which are sometimes confounded with those of variola but those
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as carrots turnips or other roots more especially if the digestion
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number was small tried to evade treatment to escape being sent
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seems to be epizootic and prevails at several farms at the same
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almost obliterated by approximation of their sides and roof and
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the legs were covered with extremely thick yellowish hard almost horny
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scope it gave the bands of oxy hgemoglobulin the fibres in this
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that the wounded may have to wait here some time before they can
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especially if kept open appears to me both useless and often
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stuff could be traced to the able bodied Red Cross man who tended
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of the patient. Such abscesses are rarely accompanied by fever 101 F.
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Under this installation the air is conducted into the chambers of
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cation of the ointment is made to remain on during the day. This
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under my observation was there any enlargement of the spleen or liver.
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merly Professor of Military Hygiene. United States Military Academy
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this the disease is developed when successful in their efforts
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of Pharmacodynamics in the University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia
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alkaline carbonate the soda bicarbonate in all cases arising
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Cause of the Disease. The cause of this disease is an anaerobic
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similar to that of the septicaemia of the rabbit and the bacillus
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The patient was a well nourished thick set young man with good

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