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are to be isolated or if in condition slaughtered for beef
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healthy sheep and by inoculations with the organism cultivated
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fresh blood of diseased animals. They remained healthy. When
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Congestion of the sheaths of the great gluteal nerves has
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laboratory at Field Hospital No. 5. The blood serum for intra
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cated by the work of Kolmer who demonstrated complement fixing
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Technician. Pathological Laboratory Presbyterian Hospital New York.
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same in each case. In one case the gonococci disappeared from the eye
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quite well at milking time in the morning. The field being
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cancer it remained for us to determine the nature of these organisms
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In all cases that recover however both the exanthem and
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came chilled. The fact that we have learned a great deal more about
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which the body is composed but no fixed rule can be applied
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each meal for children the dose should be decreased according to age.
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not pretended that they are strictly accurate. It is not to be supposed
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in proper proportion. 2. It determines to a great extent the
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were found normal. It was impossible to obtain a specimen of urine
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ever an Adrian barrack and a suitable water source are available.
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with that resulting from the cultivation of the spinal fluid. In
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body of the animal into oscillation. The chink of the glottis is
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attacked with cough and haemoptysis. Similar attacks occurred again at
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Along with Mr. Borthwick Kirkliston I saw cases of this
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survey of every therapeutic device employed including ipecac Piso 1648
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findings may be accompanied by muscular atrophy and paralysis.
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the operation of a cause the practitioner must be careful to
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Scirrhous carcinoma of the breast material from which
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preparation and collection of pathological specimens. Even more
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into those of alcohol by a process of digestion so the various
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work is strictly speaking of international authorship the number of
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tion showed the larynx of small size filled with cicatricial tissue covered
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apply ourselves more to getting real nourishment and increase of
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period. This correspondence between the diuresis and the amount of
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selenium in the incriminated sulphuric acid used in converting starch to
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of the morbid appearances 4 pathology and treatment including achotogy
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ceded but probably nowhere fully heeded. Although medicine is
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although sometimes visible as small droplets of moisture rapidly parts
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plete paraplegia. In substance it Is still considered that operation lessens
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rapid when it is not practised as when it is resorted to.
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familiar to aU. It is known that this infection came essentially
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other condition are counter irritants beneficial and in this care
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equipment and in many cases could not even destroy the hospital
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the lining cells being flattened by pressure. When divided in their long
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comes of arthritic stock but beside hereditary influence the diet is also in
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man physicians alone would give a very imperfect view of the progress
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strict supervision and maintenance of material in good order are
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and complicated by gangrenous accidents on another number
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In sections hardened in Hermann s fluid and stained with Plimmer s
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in destroying the ticks but the mixture of linseed oil amp c. will
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with The Cafeteria System for Tuberculosis Patients. The fol
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clusions and an explanation is thus given to the belief in a

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