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described. Chapter 2 contains a general review of abdominal wounds

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unknown in others but it may be conveyed from one district to

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rendered unfit for use either as food for the human being or for

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stracted from L Igiene Moderna February 1918 in Office internat. d Hy

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length of the ward stopping at the head of each bed a distance

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The follo riDg statistics as furnisherl us by the Surgeon General

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ternaturallv engorged or congested. Such then is the condition

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mucous membrane may be detected and abscesses found in the

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trude and the rugse of the cardiac orifice to become unfolded.

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instances the infection was conveyed by persons connected with the

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occurring suddenly hsemorrhage. Mere fulness of the capil

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there is little worthy of note. The trachea and larger bronchi are

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confessedly writing it is certainly the more reprehensible in that it

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horn breed and which had never partaken of other food than

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Catherine Henderson Dianne Kaufman Karen Killian Troilo Elizabeth Madara

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cadavers in war time 1915. He then took up the important question

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strophanthus and strychnine judiciously administered. Oxygen also

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caemia due to a fine bacillus resembling that of Koch s mouse

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are cold with redness and dryness of the Schneiderian membrane

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the higher oxides of nitrogen. This method it can readily be seen is

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many diseases are caused by the presence of a morbid material

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symptoms had to some degree subsided from eight to twelve

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taken into consideration the young and strong may recover

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lands which have been inundated. In the months of July and

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nerve trunk itself above the lesion are at least as good. This was

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over the entire hody there is no mechanical stimulation no matter

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card contains the necessary history and other data. The reverse

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Quelques observations sur les oreillons Some observations on mumps

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appearances are met with in old subjects on the dissecting table

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always be selected. This is rarely done at the present time for the

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Dr. Bowditch s rules for performing this operation are as

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circular shape there is however no speciality in this as regards

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by various Continental observers. Lustig found that there are

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measurement is made from the lower end of the third rib

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dropsy of the cavities in the horse. Mr. Brown says the disease

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Petroleum and the Treatment of Acute Articular Rheumatism. Db.

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The day following operation patient was still hoarse and com

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the colouring matter thus set free tinges the fluid portion which

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Pathological Alterations of the Gastro intestinal Mucosa in Primary

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Culture Media. As already stated the culture medium used in

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tortus in the fourth stomach for the destruction of

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Our case was that of a soldier who while helping to move a

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