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with that of the premonitory fever. The fever slight perhaps
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the blister treatment causes a speedy diminution in the frequency
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The routine of preparation for operation was the same for all and
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Incision in 6th or 7th interspace as in major thoracotomy. The chest
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very rare in tlie horse but is of frequent occurrence in cows and
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state definitely as a matter of personal knowledge and not as a
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surface of the ground by earth worms contested by Koch is
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up the advancing troops and in the experience of the past summer
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for periods ranging from five minutes to fifty days. The best results were
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ing this conclusion that a cell is an elementary organism
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shower only cleanses unless it is too cold to be borne with comfort.
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indications that the incidence of other intestinal diseases such as
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therefore that the injections of the testicular fluid had apparently no effect
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laboratory where they were placed in the thermostat. The flasks were
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Immediately on eutrauce to hospital the first three lines are filled
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a certain degree at least in a few anaemic young women this condition
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complex and a knowledge of the correct methods of diagnosis will
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condition may soon be presented. The advisability and even the
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to intraspinal medication. Our supply of neosalvarsan was nearly
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upon essentials. In discussing the validity of the suggested classi
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swelling on the left side which may appear during the time the
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signed to in many instances individuals who have had so much experi
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acetate of lead and in one in which the acetate was given subcutaneously.
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two instances very evidently dilated in one instance and was under
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amount of susceptible material. It is highly improbable that in
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months the sporadic type ends fatally in about four or five days.
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of variola vaccinae throughout seventy five successive trans
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appearance of being thin and poor. The appearance of thinness
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cachectic cancer cases when the serum contains the organism. In these
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a disease by a particular name which may express its primary
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spots which soon become black and gangrenous form on the
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estimated. The average figures for the esters up to February 14th
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lants to the extremities being useful in cases where they are
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To many individuals a small excess of chlorine in the water is
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naturally incline to the use of the salicylates in moderate doses if acute
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This difference is of immense importance to the soldier or sailor
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tigation. It was in this fluid that we first found these bodies and
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Contrast that with the surgery of today where the whole cry is
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are attended with troublesome cerebral symptoms syncope and vertigo
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many ithj phallic figures which abound in the Babylonian seals. Now
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cases of an unusual cutaneous affection observed in nursing children. The
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changes present had caused alteration of the vessel walls and of the blood.
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The urine is acid 1012 specific gravity and contains no albumin no
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packing the cavity lightly with gauze and treating it as an abscess. The
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regards them as simple calcified uterine fibromata. As regards the treat
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observed that pawing with the fore feet frequently looking
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acute cases the development of bodies which may be living or
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by the conversion of the starch of the food into lactic acid which

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