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aim at the highest standards of pathological anatomical prepar

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kidneys is in the judgment of many capable observers very useful and

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I have advisedly made a distinction between Veterinary

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other parts and when once of r distended they are often

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not necessary except in the presence of secondary pus collections

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amination per vaginam with the finger showed the os externum very

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have crepitations both large and small indicative of inflammation

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uniformity of the light shade representing the cavity convinced me

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smooth glistening appearance is observed in the inflamed lungs

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attached to a hammer with a sharp edged head rubber gloves

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up this event exhaustion was extreme and life despaired of but she

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Tincture of Iodine for Corneal Ulcers. H. Friedenwald Baltimore

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The domestic fowl is also very valuable as a tick destroyer

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require iron and arsenic to re establish the blood condition. They are

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to escape behind the radiators one for each radiator. The viciated

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of the service would be better safeguarded by assigning suitable medical

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dans le diagnostic de la nephrite de guerre The concentration test and

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Martincourt France which is about 18 miles from Metz.

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from the auricle to the ventricle during the auricular contraction or to

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vertebrae and pithing for example or obstruct the passage

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mouths of other men and that by far the greater emphasis should

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purpose and I have since repeatedly tested it. Boil about a

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pulse seldom does any good it certainly has no effect on the

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with chronic infection namely pallor of the abdominal viscera

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the spinal fluid. There was no jelly like exudate on the cord

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introduce the point of the trochar rather obliquely upwards

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of marked fatty degeneration always supposing the other signs and

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Fischer Professor of Physiology in the University of Cincinnati. Numer

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selves for some distance presented the same appearance. The

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serious distress. The excretion of urine remained high on the 15th

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orifice and on the tail perineimi or other external parts with

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increased the disease has disappeared from land known to be

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should be served and the men who want more required to come

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Rodent Ulcer and Epithelioma Contrasted F. T. Paul of Liverpool

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jerk the alae of the nostrils spasmodically open and shut and as

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hemorrhagic wheals which after lasting two to four weeks gradually dis

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tion at the termination of the quarantine period. There exists

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attacked by inordinate thirst and diuresis. Habitual feeding on

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riers was the prevailing good weather. From tables in my possession

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method 2 the Strohl method 3 the single tube shift method

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is markedly improved inconsequence of treatment although still irregu

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stage. The surgical equipment of a mobile unit should be of the

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in each flask eight such flasks are kept on hand in the refrigerator.

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It will therefore be seen that many of the observers who have

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