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a few were found in the reticulum in those that lived the

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The origin of the outbreak of 1865 is according to Professors

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vaccine vesicle of the cow and the variolous of man. The

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bronchi contain much mucus or other fluid a moist rattle

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and staining reaction of the organism and the relative number of

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contracts about a third in each direction and during the time we

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my need to him he would quite as readily have turned that amount

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less. Treat the residue with half a pound to a pound of bleaching

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science of Veterinary Medicine has been so important as to

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induce indigestion and serious constitutional disturbance.

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can be carried from one mouse to another is greater than in

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The sowing of oiled sawdust on algae covered water is probably as

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even more intense than in the furious form and attempts to lap

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removal of as much devitalized tissue as is compatible with the

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Dora W. the third child is thirty four years old married has

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inoculations that is to say that it invests the animal body

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placed on the tables of organization 160 to be constructed and

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treatment of soldiers in civil hospitals generally crowded and

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by the movements of the tainted tails more especially if the

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probably never be reached by competent medical service. The popu

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in colour than natural or perhaps tawny coppery and sometimes

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such a kennel if it cannot be proved they have passed through

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At times increase of glycosuria coincides with rapid increase of weight

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always fibrinous in character. In many lobules the change

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discovered that their fodder has been of the worst possible

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when the skin is pierced. These two kinds of ticks as well as

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Minister of Agriculture said it was pleuro for he had seen the

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ulous just as casual adverse suggestions or failures of well meant but

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great abundance a few were also seen in rows. On the third

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glands are enlarged the liver kidneys spleen and heart are

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disease its short incubative period and the quickness with

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the book has been found unavoidable yet upon comparing the two

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nitely isolated as an entity and absolutely differentiated diagnos

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appearing to have lost any of the valuable matter it contained before

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tremor in the eyelids when standing with closed eyes in some cases dilated

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Cross endeavor was no great affair. As a matter of fact it seems

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poisonous gas as an offensive measure of warfare. This was rapidly

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Acute Leukaemia in Childhood with Beport of a Case. McCrae Johns

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The liver kidneys spleen and the muscular system are

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due to the presence of the nitrites conveyed from the soil to

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only about one half the number of dots. The contrast is striking. The

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clean knives sharp well polished everything of metal well polished

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firmed by Colin who also found that if the parotid ducts were

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from ptomaines and other intoxications. The lowered vitality of many

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