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excavations from tubercle dilatation of bronchi pus in pleura

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c.mm. Second lumbar puncture made during the night showed clear

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solemnly and seriously. The secret was they never had anything show

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Loading is then complete the operation requiring only three

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The disease seems to appear in two forms viz. an acute

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recognition of disease plays an important part in preventing

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if allowed to become epidemic in form. All the conditions necessary

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may live long enough for level tumours to form under the skin

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above error than of establishing this indication that I request

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and secondly of pathological changes in the superficial structures

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provided the request for them he written on the manuscript.

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which time it was strictly quarantined the only persons allowed to leave or

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Sex Distribution. Table IV. shows the sex distributiou of the 2299

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rities. In this country however the experiment has not proved

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creosote etc. given in conjunction with a protein and says that in his

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digital infection. In one instance the milk tins were washed with the

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found in rats and bandicoots and in honour of its discoverer

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shalt not escape calumny was written centuries ago.

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Intestinal Perforation in Typhoid Fever. W. Osler Philadelphia

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undoubtedly the calf has given evidence of the disease at or

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have had much amusement in watching these birds as there

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ing from the left adrenal gland infiltrating and limited by the de

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freely sprinkled into and upon clothing and blankets which are to

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was normal and the cardiac impulse quite feeble and irregular the

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ordinary catarrhal inflammation of mucous membranes. Dr.

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operated upon for floating kidney were never examined as to whether

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mencement and I look upon the exudative process as affording

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tbey may suffer much from thirst and I generally content

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caused to disappear through the action of the curative measures adopted

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Hebb and the other by Kingston Fox sudden death occurred. One

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ing only on careful daily inspections of the entire command for the

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through the air usually less than one yard. When men sleep and

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large bed sore on heel. Intense pain on moving in dressing the wound.

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enable him to form a prognosis of his prospects of future fitness and

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calcified undergoes no further change bvit remains as an inert

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said to present symptoms of the disease during the lonping

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diaphragm forcing it forward and preventing admission of air

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employed by us. We must therefore attribute the discrepancy to one or the

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rence is very uncertain is also a disease which is rarely or never

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as it neither indicates the character cause or pathology of any of the

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food was pretty good and although mastication and deglutition

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Treatment of Flatulent Colic. In addition to the administra

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ployed for the examination of all horses in a stud where glanders

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toms of abdominal pain combined even with delirium are present.

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barrow and bucket for transportation. The oiled sawdust is dis

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came down with measles with twice the frequency of men free from

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sulphates of the urine. The brief literature concerning the value of

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appearance and arrangement there was no reason to infer the development

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every instance successful. The yearling stirk aflected with para

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III. Cattle Plague Small Intestine of a Cow showing Aphthous

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on almost imperceptibly. Convulsions never precede it they

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their methods do seem to demonstrate positively that in animal experi

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inspection revealed several hundred cases of venereal disease con

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this that cachexia and anaemia attended by dropsy owe this con

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ence in the distributiou of blood in the body which we observed

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The pulse which at first is generally full and more or less

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