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the fowl cholera the duck cholera the septicaemia of rabbits

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His feeling for our own calling was one of keen appreciation

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entirely negatives the regurgitant theory of the presystolic portion which

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by using small type much could be compressed into comparatively little

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however is tense and yesistent from distension of its capsule but

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prostration collapse fluttering pulse expulsion of a coffee

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assembling material for the Medical History of the War that all medical

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become active during pregnancy and that the infective focus in the tube

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the medium of our already existing society thereby taking advan

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differentiation must be continued until the protoplasm is colorless. The

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also by the invasion of non contiguous lobules. In this respect

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sixty seven instances the infection probably reached the milk by per

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to maintain tonus and contractility of the muscles.

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Histologic findings. There is a diffuse leucocytic infiltration of

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tions. Rumpel who had already made some observations upon a similar

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tinged witli blood. After further comparing cattle plague with

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fore sees a remedy for the prcA ention of secondary ijurulent inflamma

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tain houses out of proportion to the population of such places and in

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whatever as to its therapeutic value for not only does the thirst

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solidation. On the other hand death may not result where the

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times the cells in the centre of these epithelial down growths have

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cartilages is rarely witnessed in the Letter bred but is very

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The virus primarily induces a febrile condition of the system

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have the same mental effect which no one of experience despises also

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carrier and treated as such. Subcultures were made and agglutina

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exploration. Making the incision through the old sinus should be

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Much relief may however be afforded by careful dieting keeping

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a funny little medieval town about 120 miles due south of Paris. The

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branes are actually diseased thus the membranes may be found

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vagina and removal of the entire diseased mass from below after suturing

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easily induced. Examined carefully the pulse will number

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attribute to the inoculation of the animal with dried lymph nodes from

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bers of the family even when efforts are made to screen the

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by which the morbid material is expelled from the system.

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earlier animals with Plimmer s method and as this work is not yet

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hardened in alcohol stained with Delatield s haematoxylin includes a

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officers can be utilized for bed ridden or helpless cases but owing

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muscular twitchings restlessness often a husky cough yawning

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Trypanosoma in the blood of the affected animals horses

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different treatment the efficacy of which is beyond a doubt.

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already overloaded heart and through it to the already con

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and commanding officers of all units that enter the area.

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