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the pleural effusion was not increased and the symptoms of bronchi

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in the lungs liver Schneiderian membrane and other involved

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or even from day to day just where the battle line would become

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paralytic symptoms it is advisable that a glance at the physi

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see Principles and Practice of Veterinary Sur jery

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needling and introducing wire did not seem to be indicated. Further

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grease from the floor is recovered rendered and made into ammunition

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were no nucleated red cells no poikilocytosis. A very few microcytes

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editor we have had it borne in on us by correspondence and through

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Bellevue Hospital Medical College New York. Second edition. 318

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and about the kidneys. The corresponding lymphatic glands

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often exactly the same risks that are faced by their brothers in arms

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parts posterior to the heart at once points out the difference

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officers showing the importance of carrying on anti venereal cam

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which extends for a variable distance into the surrounding lung

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