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and has emphasized the nervous element in this condition. In impor

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these conditions indicate a rapidly approaching fatal termina

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writer recognizes six different types but it is not necessary to consider them

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convinced that it is highly contagious and infectious and can

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animal at the period of oestrum. There is however this

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instances a large hsematoma was found in the broad ligament which had

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proof namely that cell formations may arise from altered muscle fibres and

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becomes stagnant and vegetation accumulates afford good breeding facilities

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coloured and scanty. Great care must be taken in properly

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condition and properties of the blood vessels and causing an in

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The following curative or preventive agents have been

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inflammation has passed away the womb is left in such a condition as

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the two that died the symptoms were great drowsiness slowness

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roared its flanks heaved its mouth was kept wide open the

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of the vital force and the reactive potential of the individual infected.

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