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generally disappear as the patient s general condition improves. There is
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ease from which might be written an important chapter in the
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evacuated and become again mobile. Small mobile units are therefore very
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that we have never detected a sufficient transformation in the organisms
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spasticity of left leg and right arm. Babinski present on left side
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shows the type of treatment. It also shows the results of both
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great gas producers these give rise to w hat the authors term the
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cation of the ointment is made to remain on during the day. This
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all our modern life we have found it absolutely indispensable to supplement
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considerations leading to our method of handling meningitis will be
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sult of the special examinations that have been carried out in the
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treatment to prevent fiy breeding. Such transportation however
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The Germans and Poles together then show a cancer rate 4.81 times
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Classification of cases of malignant disease according to general variety etc.
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was normal but syncytial tumors were present in the kidneys lungs liver
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ance of containing metastatic deposits of the large tumor. Sections cut
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the problem of combating venereal disease quite difficult as in all
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ethereal to the preformed sulphates was likewise above the normal on
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of the different modes of dying resolves itself into an investiga
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when hunting or going long journeys. A great mistake is made
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The causes of anaemia being generally apparent I need scarcely
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dered horses. It is interesting too that the same doubts have
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Counter irritation. This is the favourite method of treatment
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to analyze very closely the methods with reference to simplicity and
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the eyes bleared the tongue dirty thick and bluish and the
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only when the origin of the tumor masses from the lymph endothelium of
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quently met with cases which as I interpret them at present may trace
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cold applied at points distant from the seat of inflammation. Samuel noted
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vegetables etc. be first removed by sieves or strainers and the
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ings will be 2 400 square inches. This is provided by opening the
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chest caused by a fragment of high explosive shell at the level of
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days prior to death there was general uneasiness pawing with
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stipation and diarrhoea and flatulency after food particularly if
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the colour varied from bright red and deep brown to almost
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The pulse now falters cold sweats appear on the body and
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stand what it all means and see the Doughnut instead of the hole.
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enough poison to give the disease to another animal. This at
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onaries in fourteen cases. Kennedy invites attention to the compara
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matter is found and the remarkable exudation of fibrin into the
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always been a tendencj after wars to form societies and associa
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city. Before this outbreak however was checked the number of cases
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fine granulation. Some of them contain highly refractive bodies some
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tion and valvular incompetence entirely disappeared leaving a normal
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several days the castor and ctoton seeds retain their colour
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when over 105 F. it is always indicative of great danger. I
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Experimentally Mr. Leather has added the testa of castor oil
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scattered fragment of shells after the excision all parts of the wound
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tion he hoped pending that consummation that he would be able
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In the introductory chapter the change from the expectant to the
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tion or soakage. The addition of 2 grams of chlorinated lime or
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probably owing to some chemical change in its constituents. It
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in pleuro fibrin is exuded in abundance into the connective
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composed of a crowd of small red granulations lying close to
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maniacal states the rapidly developed melancholias in short the
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grumous and viscid material the bacilli may be detected by
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branes except that of the nose are generally pale the respiratory
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preparation of the maternal tissues for delivery. By the natural processes
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communication between the pericardium and stomach allowing
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The question which now naturally arises is Why if one injects into an
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fat is found in the preparation but the cells show very slight evidence
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early employment of the serum. Cardiac failure was treated satisfactorily
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allowed to eat too much. After the disease has continued for
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the medical volumes. The introduction by Otis constitutes the most fasci
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Such considerations as the above early led our British confreres
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an antitoxin is obtainable. The second or motile putrificus group is
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of normal XaCl solution filter through cotton and sterilize.
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Ample provision for the supply of hot food for troops on the
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injury to one of the fingers of the particular extremity involved.
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hereby disproved for England and consequently the generalizations are
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parasite maintaining that it resembled the spirillum of relapsing

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