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through the general circulation seems rather a bold one although no more
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as microscopically the structure of each is very similar being
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to the ground. Whilst at rest the paroxysms seldom occurred
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temperature should be controlled to meet the various conditions. If
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different for beyond a doubt the disease must have been present
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If diarrhoea be not excessive and the animal thereby much
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paralysis or chorea nor do I mean it to be understood that
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contact with those sick with this disease is unnecessary.
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the standard servings represented furnishes the most energy Which the
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ing the lottery. It may be good stew and having in mind our
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is obtained by inoculating the surface of agar with the aspirated fluid. It
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over fatness was removed the heart sounds became of normal strength
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are right absolutely unqualifiedly right Therefore you always find
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In the cedema of the septic centre the bacillus is found in
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early secondaries. Wile and Stokes in a later article state that
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douche induced acute otitis media and mastoiditis. Chiselling open the
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given subcutaneously. He is further able to support Hamel s observations
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portions to change to a deep reddish brown colour which
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essary to the success of the operation the isolation of organizations
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by using small type much could be compressed into comparatively little
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vision are obligatory or the mess will fail of its purpose. This
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three and one fifth times more susceptible to cancer than those of native
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constitutes most important sanitary problem now confronting public
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The following observations were made during 1917 and 1918 at
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the rest of the lung is more or less emphysematous. Tiny firm
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other limb and such attacks may appear repeatedly and for
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into Glasgow from India in large quantities I believe mostly as
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observed in the lung and urine pointing to the necessity of sputum
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to be produced and the disease thus complicated. In addi
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to employ 50 per cent of their time at useful labor and productive
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cilable may be understood and what have been looked upon as
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which is to be introduced carefully at the side of the sternum
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secondary and by metastasis from the nasal membrane Phillippe
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activity. The registrar of the evacuation hospital being in constant
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by some improvement and later by further impairment of vision. The
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cholera diphtheria pneumo enteritis swine fever amp c. charac
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and is altogether lost over the sixteenth. In the inferior part
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probable that if calves be taken they may without treatment
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it the popular name of vomiting gas. Being a very stable and
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Prior to beiug wounded this officer had symptoms of a slight
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appearance it may resemble a green coloured gruel or porridge
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the direction of the brim varies greatly in different patients who may be
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were once cultured and the carriers isolated demonstrates the value
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In this auto intoxication of pregnancy it was interesting to observe that
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that the disease runs a certain but indefinite course and that
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the opposite plan should be adopted. Even when the intestine has been
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in the blood and lymph when removed from the body. At first
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dead and seeing that vomition is induced with so much diffi
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