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dies during a convulsive exacerbation or during the succeeding

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opinion that the fetid odor is due to a biochemical action upon the

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the result of such long fasting being a weakened or debilitated

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returned to civil life were subsequently reported as doing satisfactorily.

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Schlange according to his excellent monograph observed cartilag

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gravity is much increased 1 185 or higher. It is highest

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ward appearance of ill health the blood of an animal which has

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the shin bone tibia. The vent in the trouser cuff is intended to

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deaths. Its severity however is amenable to modification by

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mortality amongst the ewes is enormous during the lambing

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attempts to cultivate yeasts from carcinomata. He describes several

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from the venereal station in the camp where in four weeks twenty

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consist of grunting whistling coughing roaring and trumpeting.

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blood is hemolyzed no method as yet devised gives satisfactory

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tries and likely to come within the experience of any medical man.

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The carrier problem in meningitis moreover differs from that

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friends of the French and British armies to answer the questions of

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rapidly takes place ptomaines and noxious gases are freely

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have the same mental effect which no one of experience despises also

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from these lymph nodes showed that they actually contained epithelial

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opposite side of the thorax care being taken that they be always

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impossible for the same animal to suffer from two three or even

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city appropriations together with private subscriptions.

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suria probably maltosuria with very fatty stools and without icterus

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already raised to a high heat. Before doing this they must be separated

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hindered in rotation by the body he had been successful by rotating the

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Classifying the multiple case houses bv the interval elapsing between the cases.

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flight of 1 500 to 2 000 meters altitude. Our wounded of whatever

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beneficiary of her tactus eniditus. A trip through any hospital in France

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adherent structures which surround the growth. The description of a

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well for thirty six hours and then collapsed and died. Only a partial

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the second or third day after inoculation and a discharge from

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been employed by many clinicians in a less systematic way than by

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indiscriminately performed it has delayed the convalescence

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with the subject so comprehensively that it will not be necessary for

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This is the most exhaustive treatise upon the subject that has as yet

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an attack of hemorrhagic furunculosis similar to the one which fol

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ing only mild and transient effects whilst a large one may induce

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the moment when the compounds fixed in the body become

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to state that moist lands have a great influence on the develop

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acute stage may pass away leaving the ganglion apparently normal.

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after voluntary contraction was well advanced. There were moderate

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less granular material an occasional giant cell and the specific organ

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cated laboratory technique the swabbing of large organizations

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It also shows that the disease is one to which the susceptibility

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nervous exhaustion nervous dyspepsia and change of life.

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the palpi being slender. Labium short and broad densely

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Individually each foreign nationality shows a similar preponderance

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always ready to act toward the continuance of tried measures and

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it may extend well into the alveoli that communicate with the

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entire thickness of the omentum. The muscle fibres or connective

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