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those of catarrhal or broncho pneumonia and now Nocard finds
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horizontal positions. These organs may appear dislocated only in the
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important discovery would point to the existence of a chemical in addi
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vesicovaginal fistulae but in order to insure success after operation. As the
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clusions are based upon the fact that inflammatory products are
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scarlatina were one and the same disease but I have had
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them trouble in the cutting. We therefore ground beef into ham
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ventricles the complete closure of the auriculo ventricular valves
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The louvred openings in the gable ends of huts are fixed and
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lated mucus in which the catarrhal cells lie. 480 diam.
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In the earlier stages the symptoms are acceleration of the
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estimation of the ethereal sulphates will be reviewed after the report
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faintly stained membranous investment. Where the longitu
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Two days after the perceptible rise of temperature has begun
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Any consideration will show that this is far from being an actuality.
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derian membrane. This is however rare and may be mistaken
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Even if our efforts were successful the milk presents different char
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practically non existent in the Army and need not be discussed at
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alteration that could be detected the Schneiderian membrane
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and intramuscular injections of salicylate of mercury to the limit of
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nests of tumor cells consist simply of long cylindrical cells which stain
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its black colour or is but very slightly reddened. Some deny
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three forms of manufacturers certificates shown in Fig. 2. The words
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be capable of meeting successfully if not brilliantly the common
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of fractures of the long bones and other types of slow healing
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necessary. The calves of the tubercular section are removed to
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become alkaline spontaneously if the urine were inoculated with the micro
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of the glandular fever is explained by our modern ideas of the parasitism
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yoke oxen. By keeping communication with the territory north
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animal is unable to stand and dies fighting convulsively or in a
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special tables the doors were opened for the convalescent patients. I noticed
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the disease. These observations while of interest are too few in number
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of linking the various members of the regular services but in bring
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They then proceeded to ascertain whether yellow fever can be conveyed
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not be allowed to forget that their efficiency is an important
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the inoculation has been effected appear to be due to other
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small abscesses. In a certain number of these abscesses numerous small
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changed. Hence all irritating materials in the form of blisters
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invades the tissue from below upwards that in all cases the
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recognizes the difficulties surrounding an accurate classification of the
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increase of fibrin in the blood is pointed out by Andral namely
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body of loyal American citizens and highly efficient medical officers are
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inexorably fettered by the bonds of the body to which he ministers
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kneading with the hand in the rectum to break down the
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June 7 the X ray proved negative. The temperature still be
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The origin of the intermediate link Ehrlich accounts for according to his
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fat absorption and thereby seemed to confirm Claude Bernard s results
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pleuro and a careful perusal of that description will at once con
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patients were adiuitted at least twice and one of them as often as
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duty. The work was entirely new to a majority of the roentgenolo
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Without entering into a critical examination of these various
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tion. Further training will be given these men by the commissioned officer
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and is probably the cause of the congestions and extravasations
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has been awarded the Distinguished Service Cross as some salve to
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the conclusion that the liquid begins to clear up towards the
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an opinion upon now that rinderpest is so safely guarded the
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and thereafter everybody was happy. Two men started out with a
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M. Pasteur terms aerobic. If the fiuid which contains them
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ished in thickness where this exists owing to the deposit of fibrous
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place very quickly in cases which threatened to terminate fatally.
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side tables. Old plan He walks twice the length of the ward 240
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Care in the washing of mess tins in boiling water after meals.
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formation over a long stretch of territory on the base line. Inas
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and if necessary may be tried in tlie case of a valuable horse
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tagious diseases. Cases spring uji now and then which appear to
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increased redness and vascularity of the visible mucous mem
refers to the time occupied by each beat of the pulse whilst
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and tuberculous patients are returnable. These cases may be
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The nitrogen of the food is not all assimilated in the system
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should never be equipped for extensive laboratory work for when
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Kernon Senior Consultant ear nose and throat American Army
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mucous surfaces and we must rest content with the conclusion

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