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the cut surface. Careful examination shows them to be located near or

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In the five series the results obtained were constantly the same and as

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anterior part and of the superior columns of the cord in the

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accidental products accumulating in the blood mechanical or

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the characteristic spherical bodies nucleated bodies and sacs filled

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a certain degree at least in a few anaemic young women this condition

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French Army authority on blood transfusion Professor Babinski

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constipation to impaction of the omasum basing tlieir con

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germ itself but to certain properties which it has obtained from

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Healthy Blood when it can be seen flowing in the vessels of a

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ness and swelling of the throat infiltration of the upper end of

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deglutition is performed with difficulty or is not performed at


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even a minute and unsuspected bronchial fistula will lead to the actual

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Examination of the larynx showed a bleeding bluish red tumor about

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and violent sciatica but who was free from syphilis and other probable

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classed as to care totally bedridden nursing required those

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ing to the period since food has been eaten the amount of bodily

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oning by sulphonal and trional. The first of the nervous manifesta

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contagion usually passes before it is restored to health.

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two masses could not be separately moved they gave the impression of a

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system generally attenuation of the cardiac walls and dilatation

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the conclusion that in the horse the intestines are more liable

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running over 115 000 per c.cm. In those cases where the number of

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ing must be convenient and handy. This is not so with the present

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panied by meningitis are epidemic meningitis streptococcus pneu

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at the laboratory of the base hospital. Dishes washed by the usual

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disease to divisions of an active army is the Replacement Division.

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this incision will be immediately spread by the underlying lung which

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the animal is to be carefully fed. In less urgent cases where

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the shoulder along the middle region of the chest as far as the

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rior pharyngeal wall. A certain degree of polyadenitis was noticeable.

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This is however not true. Tt has been found necessary to train

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be administered at the very front. It was recognized however

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gen for to anaesthetize a patient more or less cyanosis is necessary

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ing incineration the dryest manure is first spread over the cone

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and below the affected joints in horned cattle sometimes swell

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made to collect aseptic fluid in sterile tubes and flasks. Dr. Park

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other time during lactation but falling rapidly during the first few days

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and sulphate of lead were found on the herbage hedges and hay.

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in that of the rabbit. Some of them perish immediately on

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become loaded with effete materials. To stimulate the kidneys

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