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diminished and the volume small. In some cases however it

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the regimental commander requesting That the men enumerated

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lateral half of the grey substance of the cord. Anaesthesia on

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without physical signs to account for it during life.

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gists and regardles of the training they had received at the various

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commencing in the hind limbs and extending to the whole

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from urgently advising one of the most mutilating operations because

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in the canal. Exposure of the shelving edge of Poupart s ligament

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invariably present and some assert that it is their product that

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sane. The scientific laboratory studies of the blood and excretions

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thousand miles away under the handicap of submari e attacks and the

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with the requirements noted above. The paragraph referred to is

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to an enormous extent in certain pastures during spring or until

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tries. It is thus shown that cancer claims not only a vastly higher

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been reported for man about twenty seven of these occurring in

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The strawish coloured mould which soon covered the ticks

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If there be much irritation of the stomach and vomiting

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instruction in operative work. At first there was much difference in

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discoverable whilst in cases which have become chronic no

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the microbe by the administration of carbolic acid hyposulphite

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exhausted and considering the slow improvement by its introduction

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of thirty the active lesions gradually diminished in number and the

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and dysentery are complications of both diseases and finally

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Somal town on the East Coast of Africa all the pits within the

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tion. The muslin supports forming a cradle in which the thigh

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painful and paroxysmal convulsing the whole body occasioning

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have thus the red and a yellowish grey hepatization the red

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is a question of very great importance for it has often

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emphysema and atelectasis of the lungs. Focal areas of necrosis are

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are worn out should be removed to give place to new ones.

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McCall Anderson found fourteen cases in five generations and Sabouraud

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pointing to the conclusion that death may be induced by a

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stages of existence as a micro fungus upon some grass such as

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the action of saturated solutions of boracic acid benzine chloride

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