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be said to occupy a space equal to half the united dimensions of
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characteristic of the disease termed braxy in sheep are due more
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irritability of the digestive mucous membrane. Occasionally
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leukaemia was made and subsequently corroborated by a prominent
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thick matter of a purulent aspect by others the vesiculae semi
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atmosphere of London I did not see a half dozen drunken American
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ical officer and two clerks are stationed here. The medical officer
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ceased nay a partial change of this kind may even precede the
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avoidance of gastric or intestinal irritants. 2c. That the blood
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and pulpy and an abundant dirty looking puriform material
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surface is much thickened the exudate being both within and
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rather than impaction we will do well to recommend a
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is attributed directly to the cows having inflammatory conditions of
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of inoculating the cow with human small pox was performed at
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importance of the predisposing causes of infection. Many people
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I est and the application of warmth the pressure fails to rise above
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the sub pleural nodules and adhesions of the pleural surfaces.
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Divisions are gathered in corps and the corps occupies an area.
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when all the horses were kept at home ploughing. In a few days
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disinfecting their shoes. Blouses were then removed and disposed
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In the perivascular lymph spaces of the lung we have since been able
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from time to time to occur. This like every other process in the
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is impregnated with black blood which communicates this colour
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pressive. On the old basis pathological museums interesting
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with a single contoured capsule which it will be noted contains no
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on error in diagnosis and that aurists of authority doubt its existence. So
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Dr. Eichardson that the chemical change whereby the morbid
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rhages may be expected to cease provided that every trace of ovarian tissue
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cerebral symptoms were due to the extension of the nasal inflam
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horned cattle are best kept in health when in addition to the
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corresponding to those seen externally and the tainted skins are
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peculiarly square on the upper portion of the sides of the neck
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of death were toxicity and bronchopneumonia. Primary toxicity seemed
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atory knowledge of the bacterial origin of disease also in the modes of

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