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great gas producers these give rise to w hat the authors term the

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ureter was excised during the enucleation of an intraligamentary cystoma.

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nineteenth day after the accident he died. The autopsy showed that the

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There may be sometimes an overgrowth of pigment granules. These

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ballast and has I am told not only been given to horses but

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substance and softening of the membranes. On the lower

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cough chicken pox and scarlet fever. He was not robust until after

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tenacious. Hyperpyrexia was occasionally combatted by sponging

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more than eight or ten medical officers on the staff in all. About

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whereby they are assisted and encouraged to destroy the ticks.

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be taken not to administer any medicine in such large doses as

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Those in good condition report at the desk for their syphilitic

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Autopsy Record. The subject is a large white adult male. The

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rumination naturally performed. Premonitory to other symp

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portion of the canal has recently been advocated and based upon the

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The neurological and therapeutic aspects remain a subject for future

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in three. From the eighth to the fifteenth day the port wine

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most interesting they only sum up the points already gone over in the


Another condition found most commonly in the left middle and

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as to explain away the many contradictory statements that have

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examples might be multiplied but will be referred to when

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regulating the sale of milk enacted in 1895 upon the recommendation

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