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able part of the laboratory work connected with this study.

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tion and tlius obtain immunity. The microbe exists externally

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Metastatic or embolic broncho pneumonia results as a sequel

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structures of similar form and appearance to the peripheral portions of

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a veritable and ghastly emergency himself. We feel the same way in

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caused by damaged food. All writers agree in condemning kiln

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disturbance. Endocarditis is much more fatal than any other

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the urine is high coloured the appetite is almost lost and in some

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over the face and chest. The heart was normal and a moderate bronchitis

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age and often causing a horse to become unserviceable. I do

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the undiluted blood of pyosmic septiccemic Vogel rabbits

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periods and are withdrawn for replacements and rest. Other

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hydrogen sulphide is retained in the blood exophthalmic goitre ace

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blood absent in healthy urine viz. albumen was found in all

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mencing at the point of inoculation and spreading rapidly to

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ansemia Wilks. Even the term splenic ansemia has been used to

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Continental writers are very clear and they point out the

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The fourth or true digestive stomach the abomasum. The

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exhaustion caused by fright or imminent peril in the utter goneness

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all of the wound. Silk and catgut sutures are soluble in Dakin s

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douche induced acute otitis media and mastoiditis. Chiselling open the

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and thirdly the reappearance of the crepitations now of a

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the intestines are in a paralyzed condition the peristaltic action

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headings Section I. General Mechanism and Varieties of Gunshot Frac

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add greatly to the descriptive text. This volume is a splendid guide

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process they excrete soluble substances which get into the

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functions of that organ. I have repeatedly observed instances

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cattle plague and a small quantity of the mucus from the nose

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Definition. Swine fever may be defined to be a highly con

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spleen. The spleen was evidently enlarged upward. There was no

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the fibrous structures of the articulations theciTe of muscles and

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The treatment is largely symptomatic. In no case does any treatment

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July 4th 1894 has given an able description of this disease after

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can be done beyond endeavouring to destroy the virulence of

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Temoln bacteriologique pour verifier la sterilisation des instruments et

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fecting plant and the soiled linen room and to the orderlies who

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stomach which is distended with a clear viscid fluid so that

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in the Sahara. I take this opportunity to remind you that it was

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cially upon findings from such counties as by approximately equal

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or ears preceding death was not suspected. In the non infectious group were

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cyanotic with cold skin dilated and insensible pupils slow stertorous breath

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the inflammatory process for it is found that inflammation

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but if at any time there are signs of exhaustion or sickness

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serious deficiencies in water elimination an almost dry diet less than

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calculated to do mischief than the promulgation of what has

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