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later stages of the disease bleeding only hastens the animal s

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circles appeared around the eyes. In a few hours in spite of injections

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action short sharp and angry the cardiac impulse is often

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construction and erection it is therefore recommended

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binations and will finally need only on special occasions to go

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first or motile butyricus group includes motile spore forming genu

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contact between definite groups of individuals associated in fixed

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observation. It would be an obvious inference that if attention were

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surfaces of the pericardium. It is conceivable that as the result of

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the organism by the maladie du edit adopted an entirely

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one cannot help concluding that pleuro pneumonia is often a

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complete loss of power. 2. Brown pigmentation of the skin all over the

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many dangerous air pockets exist. It is not uncommon for an air

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glance at the following tables and see how the sputum borne dis

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strength entire loss of appetite inability to stand from weak

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This is sometimes done in rhinoplasty but is hardly worth while

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eleven from man and four from animals all of which contained the


dog horse fowls pigeons are susceptible to malignant oedema

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communication existing in foetal life remaining pervious after

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venereal workers themselves human as they are there would soon be

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eries AjtD Improvements in the Medical and Surgical Sciences.

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tions they are quartered in rest camps which have bathing dis

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canals and cysts. Combinations of these various forms occur with each

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evidenced by diuresis improvement of pulse and respiratory

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features included the hemorrhagic lesions in the lungs and respir

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eruptions analogous in many respects to the tuberculous cutaneous manifes

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wounded must be brought to him. It is for this purpose that 16

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tion of nerves which could possibly affect the nervous system. At

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The principle upon which the iodide of potassium acts has

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such that the laboratory can functionate to advantage. These

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position to criticise what has been done in the past. It is perfectly

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without distressed breathing. Pigs confined to the sty were

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tively good quality and not seemingly add to the distressing or merely

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proportionate increase in the number of the pulsations in some

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the glans the round piece of adhesive plaster was pasted to the

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plague in 1866 led to the belief that vaccination would prove a

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of occipital and upper cervical location and worse at night or upon

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heavily being seemingly afraid to perform any movement which

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an animal immune to a second and the following experiment is

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the urine every day and upon the fourth day after the case

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withdrawn from the body it is only feebly coagulable. Again

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takenly removed to a hospital he will surely and quickly be found out

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Treatment. It is useless attempting to treat this disease with

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unprovoked impresses the patient in whom it occurs with the idea that

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Material expelled from the nose and throat in sneezing and coughing

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should be given only by medical officers specially trained in this work

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The above described tests are counterindicated in cases of edemas

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sciatic nerves is augmented by a serous infiltration.

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of the British Army in the Crimea 1855 and two Reports on the

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