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of reflections but as indications of how in a future edition the authors

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what we are almost forced to conclude is the same disorder exa

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Guard was being discriminated against in the matter of promotions to

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report shows the percentage of rejections in 1917 mobilization to be 7.16

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Souk was a difficnlt matter an inclined plane was made by placing

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temperature rarely lasts longer than eight to ten days it is

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presented herself to me on April 4 1899. Eight months ago she

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the opportunity of seeing several dogs the property of various

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at the present time of its supplanting the usual methods of inducing general

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to Wounds and their Infections on the Technique of Aseptic Surgery

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is not however permanent but gradually passes off and the

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the cough in thirteen cases in expectoration in eleven cases in fever in

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a living organism capable of propagation and numerical increase.

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rapid when it is not practised as when it is resorted to.

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lated and those having a positive Schick test should receive a

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Bacilli are found with great difficulty and Bollinger states

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it be heated or exhausted by work water must be supplied

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quartermaster who would settle the transaction with the evacuation

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being cut oft immediately after the inspection Professor Duguid cut

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Irritable Bladder. Knorr Ibid. describes this condition as marked by

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demonstrated that anthrax diseases are due to a specific germ

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entirely negatives the regurgitant theory of the presystolic portion which

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pleurisy which are so common in phthisis undoubtedly appears

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tissues. If milk is refused the animal must have gruel

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the spinal fluid. There was no jelly like exudate on the cord

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at least to justify the undertaking of extensive organization and

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position to criticise what has been done in the past. It is perfectly

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among calves stirks oxen and bulls and extensive experience

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stated. Dr. Murchison has very carefully compared the lesions

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meningococcus serum syringe or a small tunnel connected to the

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by supposing that the peculiar diet of the Germans is more liable to

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ately obese mother died of phthisis and a sister suffered in early life

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expected in infected cases we may resort to extra pelvic plastic operation

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a day in addition to the hyposulphite with very great advantage.

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follows All authors agree that the prognosis in the milder forms of diabetes

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combated the respirations again become accelerated and the ribs

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their histological character being reduced to a granular debris or

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front of the city thus differing from Behla s finding at Luckau. All

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June 15 the seventh day after institution of treatment by the

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pages of illustrations is a most valuable one conducted with

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which is the ideal on account of distance delay in transportation etc.

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shower of 75 or less to furnish a bracing dash. From this the

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results. In one experiment seven cattle were inoculated and seven died

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The subcutaneous tissues are white the blood vessels and

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assigned to line organizations numbered 972 officers including dentists and

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ditions predisposing to degeneration of these organs are greater among

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country where it seldom appears in the horse almost unani

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tissue and inflammation of this tissue like that of the more

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got to be doctors and military men and able administrators. I thank you.

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were altogether 121 cases of mutism and a smaller number of deaf

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tion in the great problem of returning army sick and wounded

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