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all visible parts of the thoracic cavity. Any soft adhesions to the chest

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After treating the patient for about two years and there being no

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namely syphilis gonorrhea and chancroid and a consideration of

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pages. The subject matter embraces 1 statistical considerations 2

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medical student fresh from school and his interneship.

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In the chapter on Gangrene one notes the novel way in which the

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severe coughing are not very uncommon pathological conditions

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anesthetized the abdomen was washed with benzine dried and painted

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early treatment. It is becoming at last more and more certainly

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along either wall instantly sees what is going on along the entire

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from 1880 to 1890 United States census. The proportion of for

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sanitary devices one sees in the various areas on the British front

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Torsion of the Pedicle and Uterus in Ovarian Cysts. Sonnenfeld

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clots in the lateral ventricles while in the other the hemorrhage was

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which presented a peculiar bud like growth and which resisted all

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perfect nourishment and rapid wasting so rapid that in a few

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of treatment by blistering in the lower animals the blisters are

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blood from the carotid artery into the jugular vein of the ass.

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high the coats are visibly thickened knotty tortuous giving proof of

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vessels will then be detected forming buds and cords. The

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Past History Twenty four years of age strong healthy well nour

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field ambulances. Their field ambulances were the only divisional

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more premature the infant the slower the process of tissue formation

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the diagnosis however is in doubt yet I have never seen a case

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asserted that it has no connection with the disease that in

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of relatively low mortality. Generally speaking the changes found

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although when their continuous absence was realized they were

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chronic in its character and when deposited to any extent is a

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discharge from the base hospital they continue treatment at the

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curetting the morbid products through a temporary opening in the canine

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cure and distribute medical supplies a duty now performed by non

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Medical Association American Academy of Medicine formerly Attending

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reviewed. Lack of space prevents more extended comment.

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fact that certain diseases are more prevalent on rich than on

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Huzard Dupuy Lafosse and others failed to transmit the disease

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dissemfnated through the bloodvessels or lymph channels. Among the

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embodying a consideration of all the principal forms of psychical dis

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footnotes no doubt largely prepared by Woodward there is throughout the

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irritability of the digestive mucous membrane. Occasionally

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seems to prevail more in the Silurian hill districts of Scotland

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blastomyces. In order if possible to find a suitable medium for the

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physicians as well as to professed specialists in surgery.

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malignant non leuksemic lymphadenoma Orth also as Hodgkin s

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gland but apparently no organisms have been found in the spinal

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peace loomed on the scene. One may admire the courage and the

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it should be dressed with blistering ointment. If the disease has

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sound. At this point however a blowing sound tracheo bron

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twenty eight minutes. This patient complained of cephalalgia intense

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neuritis in the recent Manchester epidemic to the action of arsenic and

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microscopical examination two kinds of cysts present although there was no

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stituting masses of serosity of a citron colour which raise the

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ment he gave a dose of oil with sedatives and after the febrile

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prophylaxis of the disease. Each of them is directly interested

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Under ordinary conditions in a barrack where contact is close

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With a view of investigating I have examined the pupils in 64 cases

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of the mouth is often indicative of inflammatory diseases more

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ounce of pure carbolic acid dissolved in twenty ounces of warm

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hypertrophied so loud sharp and knocking is tlie character of

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are remarkably diminished they have been known in the human

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must not go unchallenged. A reference to the accompanying

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