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ficial respiration. In one of these cases during the suspension of respiration
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ing for better methods and while we may now have outgrown our
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of appetite sudden prostration sullen appearance hanging ears
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ptomaines from dead bodies putrid meat fish and cheese
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spinal puncture was made and 40 c.c. of clear fluid removed not under
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The small tumours which appear suddenly and may as sud
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is useful for the practical medical man in his daily routine work is
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from their point of emergence from the hepatisation the gradu
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from contractors and sharp supervision of the commissary force
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first of all by introducing some virulent secretion into the blood
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however strong and are accompanied by a metallic tinkle. The
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These specimens collected in Manhatta Ks. correspond in every
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accessories. The enlisted personnel would travel on the trucks
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exposure to wet and cold A strong predisposition to cold exists
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personnel are preparing to sever their connection with the military forces
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made dependent on the results obtained in the water test. In cases of
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resting the body on the side and finally becomes restive stamps
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corresponding a groups but inasmuch as the a groups must have some
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stimulants as they tend to excite the animal and make it restless
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distinguishable from those got in the fluids from the diseased
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diately slaughtered and by the Pleuro Pneumonia Slaughter
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excitement stage of anesthesia the trabeculations were more marked
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the Army. Prepared under the direction of the Division of Roentenology.
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communities working under the direction of the Government in
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poorly developed so that they contrast strongly with the superabundant
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coffipared with the of amp dal statodanb of this Bureau
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feriug from rubella German measules almost invariably gave a
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indican in the urine instead of being greatly increased as is usually
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The appearance of the heart also differed from that descrilied in
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and sanitary officer of the armies in the field General von Schjerning.
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present any cliaracteristic alterations. In some cases the
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opposed to Veit s theory of previous inflammation due to excessive scratch
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degeneration which may have some importance from a diagnostic stand
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allow the direct passage of waste water from these camps into
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has notably increased since the introduction and general use of the
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pustules and scabs may be witnessed on the same teat at one
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medical departments of the several states the majority of whom have been
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Of the hypotheses which have been propounded to explain gonorrhceal
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teids accompanied by a correspondingly high percentage of salts. They
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that they result from chemical changes in the urine whilst in the
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History. Family history and previous personal history unimpor
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area about 4 micro in diameter which did not stain with
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in evacuating pneumonia the greatest care must be taken to prevent their
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There are three reasons for this 1 The greater the number of people
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of illness in our armies. Now to all intents and purposes typhoid
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day January 28. Cold weather apparently causes a more intimate
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In Fig. 1 is represented graphically the balance of a few typical
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the deeper pharynx or even into the esophagus causing ether distension
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It is doubtful at the present time whether the divisional labora
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fibre thus affected shows that the sarcous elements the real
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hangs its head is generally thirsty ropy saliva fills the mouth
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with considerable time however and by absolute attention to abstemi
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familiar to aU. It is known that this infection came essentially
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experiments of Dr. Burdon Sanderson and Mr. Dnguid see
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French Service has met similar instances in his experience in the
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returned to the United States each year and of this number 50
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against what we must strive to avert in different cases.
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et al the valuable information obtained from Confederate medical officers
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Inflammation of the lungs is a disease in which all the
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average dairy employes need no arguments for the necessity of sanitary
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winter months especially when the weather is cold and the
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The nodular portions of the growth were bluish white in tint while the
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with marked arrhythmia and dyspnoea on slight exertion. The death
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quarantine and cultured. Out of 221 men only one positive carrier
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to the altitude reached. Thev arrived in most excellent condition
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