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goats among the sheep and I have always deplored the fact that the

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prize 1913 and the Cartwright prize for his book on beri beri

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to belong to the group of filterable viruses. Experiments on mon

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with 133 for the regiment with better discipline. It is quite possible

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The spores of bacteria however can resist a much higher

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it has been used to in modified quantities. It may be laid

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Should an epidemic threaten steps could easily be taken to

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from the feces almost inevitably accumulated in open trenches and

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theoretical conceptions involved in the problem and upon which the

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the malignant form being identical with purpura it is quite

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various hardening and staining methods for the demonstration of cel

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taxed beyond its strength. As a question of jurisprudence

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recent books upon the same subject that contain the last and best words

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sometimes immediately after the birth of the offspring and in a

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diluting with milk sugar solution. Exercise upon which we ordinarily

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rows that had been produced by the cauterization procedure healed

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mation. If debility be present the weakened heart must be

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examination revealed the fact that vomition had occurred and

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pulse be feeble small doses of stimulants ammonia may be

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mass on this account it must be looked upon as a salutary

newer antipsychotics and glucose metabolism a comparison between olanzapine and risperidone

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radical changes have been made that deserve more than passing notice.

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whilst dark coloured spots of erosion and ecchymosis stud their

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tions with the result that his former conclusions have been

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bility of permitting digitalis to be taken for a considerable period without

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covered with large dark coloured spots of ecchymosis the ali

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scribe and correlate that render the i icture significant and im

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ditions who have gone through harassing weeks of peril and exer

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A pure culture of tubercle bacillus is inoculated into broth

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producing the disease by rubbing the mucous membrane of the

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Under all but the best of sea conditions and even with but few

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To become familiar with the knowledge to be acquired by

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scurvy in men and guinea pigs and the desiccated vegetables used

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the primitive mind and of those mythic processes which may be sum

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but which become infective by inoculation in suitable soils.

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in growth had no clubbing of the terminal phalanges had no ascites

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small amount are not compelled to eat a whole slice or do without.

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some days thereafter. Eventually complete recovery resulted.

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undermining the serous coat only the anterior third being normal

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cessful auto inflators. Some theoretical objections are ofltered to the

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results of the evacuation of a number of wounded from the post of

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number of civilian doctors made application and were appointed to the

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rhosis of the Liver congestion of the portal system followed by

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burg or its neighbourhood in four horse waggons but the

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tical in appearance with yeast organisms or blastomycetes when injected

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cases. Itis the product of the cond gt ined efforts of several members

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war have afforded in increasing our knowledge of the practice of surgery.

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in the larger joints because the ultimate destiny of the interposed fragment

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The end results of many fracture cases are carefully recorded. The

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infested and all clothing disinfected. After each convoy the ward

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Budding form of blastomycetic organism. Bausch and Lomb 12

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on more particularly of the neck and extremities and finally

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made up and a third culture is taken again on the third day.

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separation acquire the proliferative power of carcinoma cells.

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to and fro friction sound. The marked venous pulse and the

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distinct and nuclei may be made out. Beside these cells are a large

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upon bacteria for his knowledge of them rather than receive it from

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cases of lead poisoning. In sulphonal poisoning its presence has been

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lanugo in proportion to the period of prematurity while the lack of

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prominences measuring about an inch in diameter which when

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single case. The contracted soft parts can be loosened through massage and

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out and report. Every battalion has a book in which sanitary orders

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in the strongest manner possible when this is done by the ordinary

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bedbugs are infrequently encountered among the troops and head

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may be looked upon as one result of the vis vudicatrix naturce

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