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were merely filled with the inhaled bronchial secretions.

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remedy will prove beneficial. It is almost needless to observe

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It is a source of gratification to know that those selected from the

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present in a case of chronic glanders indeed in some instances

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Separate themes will be individualized under the names of the

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oedematous. The affected animal may remain in this unsatis

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Stiller thinks there is a close connection between Reichman s disease

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commissioned officer in charge of a hut is held responsible that this

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laboratory within reasonable proximity to army headquarters. This

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this annoying symptom. The medicine is to be given two or

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general reaction present danger is always lurking and may show itself

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observation shows very distinct. Every practitioner who cares

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discharge from the nostrils. The animal does not lie down

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says All those engaged in agriculture in breeding rearing

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of a dark appearance and tarry consistence. The left side of

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tion. Plague and the investigation of its prophylaxis dysentery and

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though much less effectually than arterial blood of supporting

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following the administration of pooled serum 0.9 gram neosalvarsan

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in the cotyledonous crypts several micro organisms which can

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exist upon one or both sides as the case may be. Portions of

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their safe retention or to their legitimate extraction.

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has been high particularly in the camps in the south and west as

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The erythematous non indurated pseudo reaction is tabulated in

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may by belittling the dangerous nature of the pathological condition

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and vitality common in this disease more quickly and certainly than any

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trench and about 6 inches wide. This is saturated with the cresol

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the intervals of ease it may fall to its normal condition. At

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the litter. The frame is then pushed back an equal distance and it

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The routine of preparation for operation was the same for all and

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Relapse. In only one case was there a relapse of the meningitis

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The pathological laboratory technician who has struggled with

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August 1852 the enlarged uterus had been regarded as a form of

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the same number of Americans in the city of Buffalo.

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the skin dry and harsh the animal hide bound as it is termed.

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cultural characteristics but which differ in other respects. A recent

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hydrocyanic acid from two to four drops Scheele s strength will

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picturesqueness of style and a vividity of scene that irresistibly leads

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If therefore there were little or no proteolytic digestion going on in

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Although it is clearly demonstrated that Southern cattle are

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plant and a higher between bacteria on the one hand and the

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organisms which grow at room temperature. Keeping the plates for

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enough to merit every consideration and provided evacuation is

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In another form of gradual death beginning at the heart

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charge of the so called school and training system elaborated out of

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when the horse is seen to be off his feed. Superpurgation may

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tory movements much increased except during the paroxysms

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Abdominal section was performed and the child was found entirely outside

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one of whom should be stationed at each advanced aid station 2 it

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lead to the production of new materials in a part to which

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helps explain the symptoms which were attributed to arsenic in cases in

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duct swollen liard and presenting irregular knots along its

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fatal ones well marked signs of inflammation of the bowels

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occurring in that condition where the horse neither gets better

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viz. early union with no appreciable shortening. This is obtained

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physical condition of the patient w hich contraindicates its use. All

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as it would be unprofitable. Theoretically any function necessary to

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removal seems to be in a swollen condition the dura mater

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objections to a nomenclature founded upon clinical symptoms yet dur

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and in this breakdown the heart probably played a part.

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talis. Some patients lead a comfortable and endurable life for only a few

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in place with absolutely no discomfort to the patient not possible with

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